Are there any wholesome cows? -

Carlos Weston Chantor

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Whenever I click on some random thread to learn about a new lolcow it's always full of disgusting, repulsive things such as self mutilation, graeme kelly's face or amputating multiple limbs while high on meth. Are there any benign oldschool cows like classic chris or jason genova who are just funny retards doing funny retard stuff?

Carlos Weston Chantor

Experienced For Her Pleasure
Didn't know Ugojesse has a thread, I unironically consider him to be one of the greatest artists of our generation



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Yeah, Taz is my go-to for wholesomeness. Definitely recommend him.

I also really like WillM3LuvTrains. The story he wrote about Buster the Rabbit dying of an asthma attack was genuinely harrowing, and he seems to be both very earnest and self-aware. He takes criticism surprisingly well, and will even do stuff like draw his own OC giving him a reality check for being too much of a sperg:

If every weirdo was like WillM3, there'd be no need for Heaven, we would already be there.


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This little guy. He likes Pokemon and just wants to get his rocks off. Also has an attractive mother.
I never thought we could get to the point where a proud voraphile (and basically zoophile) could be described as wholesome, but here we are.

Derek Savage is fairly wholesome (even though he can be an asshole from time to time). He's basically just a delusional boomer who thinks his uninspired children's character is the bees knees.


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Most of the wholesome cows just get mentioned in the mega thread about Cows not worthy of a thread.

You want some wholesome autism cows, look up FoodDip on YouTube.

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