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Are there groups of people you don't think deserve sympathy?Are there groups of people you don't think deserve sympathy ever

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Ron /pol/, Sep 13, 2018.

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    1. Trump voters.
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      hood LOLCOW

      hood LOLCOW The absolute state of Kiwi Farms
      Supervisor True & Honest Fan

    2. When you day "White supremacist" and "Nazi" do you mean prison gangsters who sell crack or Jared Taylor.
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    3. Boomers and judges.
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      Krokodil Overdose

      Krokodil Overdose [|][||][||][|_]

    4. Pedos and animal abusers.
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      Ido Discord Dominatrix
      True & Honest Fan

    5. like the hardcore dudes, especially the prison ones. the ones straight up in the aryan gangs kind
      Give Her The D

      Give Her The D Chronic Weeb Shitposter
      True & Honest Fan

    6. Those are just gangsters, like the Crips and Bloods. Most of them don't even subscribe to Nazism as an ideology.
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    7. The usual suspects: Pedophiles and Californians

      chunkygoth I love "having my wuthers" (??)

    8. Leftists, at least the middle-class radical Marxists. They deserve no sympathy because literally ALL of their suffering is self inflicted.

      MacFags and iFags products because they willingly line up at the Apple store every year for the next piece of worthless shit. This can be extended to anyone who keeps buying into any scam over and over again.
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      Autismo Pinochet

      Autismo Pinochet I'm just playing games.

    9. Anyone who puts ketchup on eggs.
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    10. I am legit surprised and disappointed no one said "Muslims" yet since the past two pages have been spent just describing them.

      The woman who was bullied into suicide for not fucking a potentially AIDS infected porn star? That's kinda fucked up.
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      MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

    11. I think everyone deserves sympathy.
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      Vrakks Don'tcha know, it's a beautiful new day!
      True & Honest Fan

    12. - Vrakks
      - Predators and Sexual Predators
      - Liars
      - Those who can't defend themselves or actively do not have the character or balls to
      - Migrants who use political or instability for their own gain
      - Pikies and Romanian Gypsies.
      - Anyone with a Criminal Record for avoidable shit
      - People who use drugs, legal or otherwise for pleasure with ramifications such as cancer or otherwise
      - The Suicidal
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      Warsmith Kroeger

      Warsmith Kroeger :eternal disgust:

    13. Sorry I'm late, was busy.

      Muslims, every single one of them.

      ThePurpleProse Average Joe

    14. muslims, troons, incels and pedophiles
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      Sinners Sandwich

      Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

    15. Autogynephiles ("trans women") plus a lot of others people have said already. I just think it's impossibly disgusting if your entire identity revolves around your fetish, plus the SJW attitude makes them even worse.
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      sadstuck niggx

    16. Two I've not seen mentioned yet. Journalists, and people who support Anita/Zoe/Other crowdfunding scammers

      Journalists: Knowingly lie, slander, and destroy peoples reputations and businesses. And for what? Clicks? To shill for their friends products? It seems like the few good journalists get cast out, or killed in some shithole.

      Crowdfunding Scammer Supporters: There's more than enough evidence that the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are scammers. Even the likes of Spoony and Tim Schafer are long since past it. Anyone who supports them has no reason to complain when they take the money and run.
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    17. White people.
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    18. Nazis, Commies, Pedofags that belong in a body bag, most drug addicts (few exceptions), single parents (unless they are widowed ofc), parents of exceptional individuals that didn't abort, people that can and don't work, and finally rapists.
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      ZeCommissar Lolcow-Executioner

    19. Ron are you feeling okay?
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      True & Honest Fan

    20. Hard leftists, communists, antifa, furries, pit bull owners, trannies, arabs, nigs, and the usual rapists, serial killers, and child/animal abusers.
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      KelpieSelkie beware of cute wild animals in europe

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