Are They Dead Yet? - Because sometimes, you just want someone to tell you if a cow is dead.

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Let’s start with a status update on some of our more endangered cows or cow relatives.

Ashley Isaacs? Not dead yet. She continues to survive on a diet of nothing but the souls of other girls with anorexia.

Tammy Slaton? She okay.

Luna Slater? Her inevitable death by overdose has yet to happen.

Papa Wilcher? Hasn’t had another heart attack yet, but when he does, there will be funeral selfies.

The Hartley meat puppets? Gone to the great puppetry in the sky.

Jahi McMath? Graduated to Full-Dead.

Lainey? Hasn’t committed suicide yet, but when she does, expect Onision to use that shit to get more YouTube views.
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Broken Pussy

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Why are BP people so connected to death?

I almost feel like you made this thread just to make this joke
This thread serves a legitimate purpose in our community, because some of our cows are barely hanging in there. Or they’re already dead. Or they might as well just go ahead and die because they are not even cute, and they’ll never be able to utter the words of our beloved Buffy Summers, “I may be dead, but I’m still pretty.”

Why are we so connected to death? Because we’re crazy bitches.

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