Are They Dead Yet?Because sometimes, you just want someone to tell you if a cow is dead.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Broken Pussy, Jan 16, 2018.

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  1. Did we mention one of the Hartley Hooligans? They should be on the list, especially the youngest most horrible one-although not in front of Ashley.
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  2. I'm waiting for Ashleigh Shackelford's heart attack. And the results of the Fat Census. :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:

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  3. They’re in the OP.
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  4. Luna?
    I think they got Rogers funeral money...
    But she hasn't posted on Instagram, in a few days.
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  5. What about Jaxon Buell? I don't think his parents have updated in a while so at the very least he's in poor health.
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  6. I'd like to add Raven Sparks and Margaret Palermo to the pool. Not that they're in imminent danger, more's the pity, but it would come as a relief to their kids. Their son/daughter would finally be able to live without some crazy bitch slinging vile shit their way at random intervals. They're just forty something but they have shitty diets, and they're the type hospital staff hates. Fingers crossed.
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  7. Seconded. Have you seen the state of NoCouch? God knows what Ravy's done to him, but he looks more haggard after being stuck a few days in the shed with Goffbag Granny than he did working the crumbo rush for FedEx.

    Alas, I'm starting to think she's eternal. A neverending curse on planet earth in mallgoff tat. Shudder.
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  8. Although, if Raven dies, it would benefit a lot of people. That bitch is toxic waste.
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  9. i suggest morgan from the munchie threads, one of these days those pill are gonna do her in

    electroconvulsivetherapy *convulses gently*
  10. I do not think so, do not want evil for anyone...

  11. I don't think you've met the woman. She's nothing but evil.
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  12. Would it be easier to name cows who *have* died?
    The only one I know of is Kadeelyn Konstantino, an ardent MBI'er and drug user who OD'd on heroin last year. People on IG tried to say she killed herself due to bullying on LCF, but the truth came out when an anon found an article about her drug dealer being charged for selling the junk that ended up ending Kadee's life. I seem to recall you all had a thread on her here.

    Holy shit, I didn't know Jahi was still veggin'. Poor soul. I can't believe the Hartley Hooligans are still here, too. I think Ashley Isaacs must have sold her soul for an immortality elixir. She doesn't physics. Does not compute. I can't figure her out when I crunch metabolic numbers. What do you want to bet, she will outlive all of us. It's unreal how she is still breathing.
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  13. Julie Terryberry committed suicide.

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