Are we really jealous of Phil's success? - Gout, Bankruptcy and Vitriol. Sounds good?


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Jan 29, 2018
When I'm not masturbating I do some thought-things with my braini-brain. And sometimes it leads to a topic which cannot be not written down; call it some autistic behaviour. I'm sure my words won't lead to anything since it's common knowledge and discussed a million times. But I also won't like to flood the main-thread (or any other thread) with a topic out of nowhere, when people talk about something very different. So why not give it a shot, right?

As we know Phil is great in turning a blind eye on his own mistakes and push all blame to other people. Of course he always knows how other people tick and won't stop pointing it out until he convinced the whole world of his opinion, regardless how wrong he is. A dictionary example of a positive person, of course.
There are a lot of "realistic arguments" why detractors don't like or troll him. They are just hateful, they have no life, they got bullied in school, they are uneducated idiots or have a brain damage. But the one that sticks with me the most is "JEALOUSY" cos it's the most ironical.

Yes, it's pure jealousy when we laugh at the clown. But Phil is not even a real clown since the red nosed person actually has a job in the entertainment industry. Phil is more like a smelly beggar with clown make-up (for some reason) who picks up dead animals from the street. I'm just so jealous!

What does "Jealousy" even mean?

Prof. Wiki says it all. But I think we can abandon most of it because even Phil doesn't know what he's talking about and simply throws around some catchphrases to defend himself. In short: Jealousy occurs when you want to spend your time with a person (for different reasons) and this specific person hurt your feelings (intended or not) by spending his/her time with someone else BUT you still want to spend time with this person and so you are "jealous" of the second person. In much shorter: This has nothing to do with Phil, not even his former fans (because they don't want to spend time with Phil anymore).

Then let's look at the word "envy" which is often used as the same, but is something very different. When you are envious you want something the other person has. For example an object that you like to have, but can't have. So you are envious of the person who possesses this object (f.e. someone has a Wolverine doll and Phil has not). Or you just want to be this person. I'm sure this it what Phil means.

So where is Phil in this explanation?
I don't want to spend time with Phil. This guy is awful.
And I don't want to have anything in his possession. Just because he has something I don't, doesn't mean I want this thing. From my perspective we need a third word to describe what's going on:


I can't believe the masked begging clown, animal corpse collecting asshole is still alive. Look and point at him how he struggles to scratch up the squirrel from the highway.

In addition I think there is another aspect that plays in. Let's call it ... mmh ... sympathy, appeal. Of course I only speak for myself but I don't really feel the need to envy a person I like. I would be happy for this person to have a great life or calls something his own. I have friends who have a nice life and I'm happy for them! I also personally know people who did a great job in making themself famous, educated, travel around the world. Why the fuck would I be envy?! I'm happy for them! They are awesome and I wish them best luck!

But then there is this person, let's call him ... Phil. Yes, because it's literally Phil. I don't like him. He's an asshole and I don't wish him the best. I only ask: "Why has this shithead all this stuff?! How does that even work?!". He can choke on his achievements. Speaking of them...

What DSP achieved

Here we have this manly man who decided to get in a career where he stays at home, does what he likes most and makes money with it. Not only that, he has his own house (even 2 of them), his own car and a girlfriend. Indeed, this is something very good under normal circumstances. If the person in question who achieved all that would not be Phil, I would be happy for him!

But even these achievements are not really achievements under critical excaminations. There is nothing to be jelly at and these fine life goals aren't the only things that go on here. So let's look at them.

Pro: Makes money with something he likes
Contra: He doesn't like what he does. It's also questionable if he still likes games.

Pro: Has fun, meanwhile working people have not
Contra: Again, he has no fun. I have a job. It's hard sometimes. But I like it (and also can play games after work and have fun. Figure that out!)

Pro: Works from home and is his own boss.
Contra: He is isolated from the world since he talks to no real person. He is an incompetent boss who makes stupid decisions on a daily basis.

Pro: Has his own house.
Contra: Which he can't afford and he pays for an unused condo. So envious of this monthly struggle to survive #SaveTheHouse

Pro: His own car!
Contra: Let's ignore that he doesn't drive and basically pays for an unused car. Maybe Kat will use it. But until this point he just threw away money which is not a positive thing.

Pro: A girlfriend!
Contra: Every idiot can have a girlfriend. People next door have boy/girlfriends. People with lovers are everywhere! This is nothing special to be envy of (also I like couples. They are cute).

Pro: Produces content HE likes and makes money with it
Contra: He doesn't make money with it (but with begging) and his content is shit. But yes, if someone has the capabilities and talent to make money with something they like, this could end in envy, I guess. But not in Phil's case. I don't want to be in Phil's shoes.

Pro: He makes (made) money with eating food!
Contra: Shit! I also want to have gout!

Pro: His girlfriend cooks and bakes cookies/candies/cake for him!
Contra: I need this gout right now!

Pro: A modern life choice!
Contra: With a limited lifespan, which is not reliable and needs an audience (which he handles very poorly), meanwhile it has to pay his big expenses. This shit would me make nervous to no end cos it can backfire any day. Which it does, multiple times.

Pro: He has many games and many consoles!
Contra: If I want a game or console, I will buy it. If I don't want them, I won't buy it. Phil on the other hand needs to buy games to do his job, so it's not voluntarily. It feels like I have the upper hand here as a non-career-gamer.

Pro: He can freely express his thoughts by talking to a huge audience!
Contra: He only speaks about the same five topics (taxes, money, detractors, game sucks, insulting the audience) because he is trapped in his own career choice. His hobby and daily life changed into a job, so all he does is speaking about his very narrow thematised job. Sure, if he would have thoughts about random stuff and break out of his cage, that would be a good thing, because it's relieving and creates fun (especially for the audience). But Phil can't do that. Imagining myself in the shoes of DSP and being jelly/envy of his daily speaking and thoughts? Not even close. Phil doesn't speak WITH his audience, he speaks TO his audience.

If you have more examples of things we should be jelly of and if you have thoughts why you aren't jelly - or maybe you are, this is also fine, we can be honest I guess - feel free to add something. If this topic needs more tags, just add something, Neger. If this thread needs to be closed: You are a meany jelous detractor, dood (nah, would be fine).
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neger psykolog

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Jul 13, 2017
I do think some people are legitimately jealous of him, probably less so now than previously when his debt and taxes weren't such a big talking point.

If you looked at DSP even 2 years ago with Leanna that's probably quite appealing to some people. As you said being able to play vidya, have a house, car and a girlfriend is a level of success that some people don't have.

Also as you said he does have the "freedom" to say what he wants to say and play what games he wants to play, however since YouTube isn't making much money anymore that means the freedom is gone and he actually has to be someone who he never was: a personality.

Since Leanna left its easy to see how things really are. I assume some people that were jealous didn't think much of his spending habits over time: everything is on credit and everyone has credit. But not that many people go out of their way to extend every single line of credit possible while not working a regular job.

So maybe Phil is smart and we're all dumb, but he has a mountain of debt that is never going to go away. Waking up every day and knowing you have that debt has to have a fairly large impact on your life.


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Mar 24, 2016
I think it might be the feeling of him getting big, doing virtually everything wrong, yet still getting by despite tremendous failures, egomania, and behavior that would have put a normal channel out of relevance as well as destroy any remnants of their fanbase, had it happened years before jewing your fans was this easy (see patreon, twitch bits, superchat).

So i think it may be a case of a large number of people being mad that they didn't amass this "semi-famous" status at one point to boost off of, and just imagine themselves doing what Phil does, but better him and without the retarded ego, lying, constant begging and dishonesty. Though what they may not be seeing, is that all the drama that sorrounds him also sustains him and is a part of his business.

Jun 16, 2014
People who think Phil is successful don't really understand what success means. He lives the kind of life that leads to an early death. Minimal human interaction, completely sedentary, wasting away in a house he can't afford and may eventually lose. He looks disheveled, really out of shape, and is constantly upset and bitter. Every now and then, I feel a bit sympathetic for the guy - he's a complete sack of shit, but yeah, I don't wish complete ruin on anyone (be it health or financial ruin).

Phil in the early youtube/machinima days may have been worth some envy - clearing 6 figures easily while living alone and having minimal obligations to be able to enjoy that income. But current Phil? You'd have to be crazy to trade lives with that.

neger psykolog

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Jul 13, 2017
Phil in the early youtube/machinima days may have been worth some envy - clearing 6 figures easily while living alone and having minimal obligations to be able to enjoy that income. But current Phil? You'd have to be crazy to trade lives with that.

Going from earning a regular 9-5 salary to making six figures isn't really that common either and many of the people that do end up earning 6 figures get it from a job at a tech company or whatever.

I don't really see that many people instantly take out massive parts of their debts when this happens either, they seem to have the debt for quite some time, but I guess the difference is is that they have the stability of not only the regular paycheck but also the stability of being in the job market.

Phil is right in saying that no job is guaranteed. Its extremely true. But the difference is that when you are engaged in the job market and lose a job its a lot easier to find something else.


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Sep 7, 2017
No, he looks miserable. He sits on his ass all day, doesn't see or meet anyone, is clearly bored and tired of playing games all day long, etc.

This 10 years legacy is more of a stigma than an accomplishement. He's deluding himself if he thinks he's having a great time. One day he might realize he wasted his prime time locked in his "office" instead of actually living.

Food for thoughts: He uses office and business to try to justify is way of living and because it's sounds better than "I stream video games that I don't like or enjoy everyday in this tiny room and people make fun of me for doing it."
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Dec 15, 2017
Phil kind of is the equivalent of an autistic gangster.

"Successful" gangbangers go out in the street and rob people, sell drugs, gamble, and commit other crimes to make money. They wear expensive jewelry and drive expensive cars. They have followers that are for the most part 100% loyal. Most of the time they have very limited formal education and instead have street smarts.

The young kids in the neighborhood see Big Baller G making easy money and calling shots and become envious of that lifestyle. They dream of being a big bad gangster too. They are envious of that life. Mama says don't be a gangster but what does she know? She works everyday and barely has any money. She's stupid, gang members are smart.

Phil's fan base seems to consist of lower income autistic men. They see Phil play video games and make real money doing it. He buys "paintings and statues" a fancy BMW, owns two homes, has hundreds of internet friends and has a girlfriend who acts like his mother. His viewers who likely have few friends, no job, live in mom's basement, play video games, and watch anime and wrestling when Phil is not streaming, he is big balling and living the dream. The reason they follow DSP is because they are envious of his life. Mom tells me I can't play video games and stay indoors all day. What does she know. Phil does it, I can do nothing and be successful too. The haters are stupid.

Sadly a gangster will end up locked up or dead. That's just the life. It's truly nothing to be envious of.

Phil's story will not end so happily. He is on a fast track to bankruptcy or serious medical problems. He is well aware that he won't be able to get anything besides a minimum wage job if and when he is unable to get that internet money. He's been living an easy life for the past 10 years but it won't be forever.

Do I wish I could have all the money and things a gangster or DSP has? Maybe, but I understand to get those things I have to work towards them and earn them. The easy money is not worth the consequences.

A gangster knows that any day the cops could arrest them or they could be shot dead in the street. Phil knows he is walking a thin line with twitch and is only a violation or two away from losing everything. Is waking up everyday knowing that you're just rolling the dice and hoping today won't be your last something to be jealous of? In my opinion it is not.

Bounty of BananaChipmunks

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Jan 21, 2015
Honestly, no.

If half of what @neger psykolog guessed about about Phil was true, ex: bad finance management, bad credit and bad prospects. Actually to what I know, bad almost everything. What's makes his current lifestyle worse is that he doesn't even like gaming that much, more so the pity.

Even when he was rich and could afford luxuries easily, he wasn't really the poster boy for "I gamed my life to where I am !". His earlier days as king of hate had people asking "wtf is phil ?" I can only remember Phil by his spectacular loses in fighting games, even being a long time Phil reader. He doesn't make enough friends, highly anti-social, refusal to lay low occasionally and many other undesirables effectively torpedoed his poor -rich man life to the slog we see today. Even he escaped all of that bad stuff, even. I never seen him happy. He was rich, but even then he wasn't truly happy with what he have.

Leanna ? Nope, he squirmed when Leanna kissed him.

House(s) ? He doesn't want go back to CT thanks to him being the village idiot who pissed off the management. Renton's mortage is chewing him alive.

Car ? I dunno, but only a few times Phil is thankful of his car.

Fan(s) ? Everyone has his own opinion, I think Phil as a streamer should have his own audience, even most maladjusted, autistic fans. We all want entertainment.But phil burnell is phil BURNnell.

Health ? :hah:

Phil can't even appreciate. Knowing the importance of appreciation is fugging important. Easiest from the many benefits are contentment and happiness. Just two will make people jealous, and thus REE the hardest. I think Phil secretly wishes he has a 9-5 , but will rather die than to admit it.

tl;dr : Gold dusted Phil is still a fail phil who still wants more despite all that bling, can't be happy, not worth being an idol, not worth being jelly about.

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Jan 1, 2018
I do understand why people might be jealous of Phil, and it's clear that a tiny minority of weens really are. However it's incredibly short sighted to be jealous of him. Yeah, the dude makes money - a lot of money - playing videogames. He makes more than I make that's for damn sure. He doesn't do anything remotely difficult, just has to play games and talk and be himself. But there's the kicker. He has to be Phil Burnell.

He isn't poor, and he has more than enough money and assets to save himself, but he won't. He'll keep accruing debts because he needs luxury. He'll never have any friends or family to support him, to the point that his parents dying could be the best thing to ever happen to him. He has a girlfriend who is clearly unsure of herself and her relationship with Phil, and is bleeding him dry to the tune of several thousand dollars a month. His business had one spike, over 5 years ago, and has been on a downward trend ever since. His chronic laziness might seem appealing to people who actually do work hard, but imagine being out of breath going out to do shopping once a week. You'd hate it, but that's Phil's life all the time. He has the cardio of a balloon filled with wallpaper paste. He has no hobbies or interests (Netflix doesn't count). The one thing he did enjoy he now hates.

No, I don't envy Phil at all. Normally I'd pity him, but the guy made all his own problems. So I just sit back and laugh. Anyone who does envy Phil has their own issues they need to work on, because there's nothing to be jealous of there.


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Sep 26, 2017
I'd say no.

Phil is someone who clearly makes/made a lot of money compared to many streamers and YouTubers who are vastly better at what they do than he ever will be, but the thing is, he's not wealthy, nor will he ever be.

Wealthy men are completely free to do what they want, someone like Donald Trump could retire tomorrow and live out the rest of his days in exactly the way he wants, meanwhile, Phil has to furiously keep playing games that he clearly dislikes to pander to an audience he hates from the bottom of his heart. He lives an empty life with no semblance of Spirituality, friendship or companionship, he may have gained some money, but he lost everything that a normal person would consider invaluable in a meaningful life.

However, are there people who are jealous of Phil? Of course. Those people are mostly either too young or too involved in their personal struggles to see that Phil truly leads a very pathetic life, which is kinda surprising because it doesn't take much for anyone to see beyond the surface here.

Jul 3, 2017
Being jealous of someone who is so street smart that he forgot to turn off his webcam when he took a wank? Propably not.

Most of the trophies and signs of achievements he surrounds himself are either on credit card (house), shouldn't be shown around as trophies anyways (Kat), straight out lies ("I used to build PCs as a hobby") or have some small printed text under a larger story ("I was the best American SF player that year - because I finished 4th on a broken port behind three Japanese players). Having a house, a car or whatever luxury you think of that is owned by your bank is nothing to brag about.

That's part of Phil's way too large ego: he has to tell everyone that peepul are jealous of him (he once said "they are jealous because I made it") and he simply ignores the castle's crumbling.

Jan 4, 2018
Im not jelly cause Phill doesnt have plan "B"for his life.He is living here and now.If something unexpected will happen..he is screwed.No savings?No thanks.I prefer my current job and control over my finances as example.

Nov 28, 2017
Not jealous (or envious rather) of Phil at all. He's very wrong to think thats why people dont like him.

But I do hope karma comes for him given what he has done to his friends, family and fans. And I know I won't have to lift a finger because he's going to do all the damage to himself.

Pablo Birmingham

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Feb 4, 2018
Let's see...
  • will end up with no friends
  • will likely have no family/wife/children of his own
  • lives more than 2000 miles from what are probably the only two people in the world that actually love him
  • turned his hobby into a job and now hates the thing he used to love
  • goes nowhere, does nothing
  • wastes every penny he gets, leading to him staying stressed over small, ordinary money expenditures he doesn't prepare for
  • lets debt pile up (hoping against hope they don't come take it all away?)
  • goes to sleep every night knowing that when the Youtube/Twitch bubble finally pops, he'll be in total free fall

Jan 18, 2018
Every significant possession he owns are on borrowed money, and even his borrowed money (was) being paid off with more borrowed money.

So no, I am not jealous of him or his "achievements."


Aug 26, 2017
Let's be real here, why would anyone be jealous of a 30-something year old manchild who's a dick to everybody, including his fans and makes money by playing games on youtube despite hating every video games he plays?


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Jan 5, 2015
I'm not really jealous of an anthropomorphic example of why money doesn't give you all the happiness in the world.

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