Are we really jealous of Phil's success? - Gout, Bankruptcy and Vitriol. Sounds good?


You don't know what hard times are daddy.
Phil hates video games. I love video games and the last thing in the world I'd want is for them to become a job I hate. I play games to get away from the shitty world, not to bring the shitty world in to them and make them panhandling sessions. Between his job not being as ideal as it seems and his infamy I'd rather be just about anyone instead of DSP.

My advice to people: If you're jealous of DSP you need to open your eyes and look past the money. Money doesn't mean shit if you're a fucking idiot, hence the bankruptcy and massive debt.
I can't fathom being in the Pigroach's position because I actually have family members who make more than him and bust their ass off to keep it that way with sound investment portfolios. If I ever happened upon an industry that gave exceptional fucktards like Phil six figures a year to be a clown on a Russian potato camera first thing I'd do is go to those family members and ask how to set my money up properly so it works for me cause I know this won't last forever but not ol' business degree Philbert he's the realest G with his masters in street smarts he doesn't need some Wall Street egghead to tell him what to put his money into because he already knows toys and Keurig machines are the wave of the future.

nope, i could be successful too if you decided to have mental breakdowns and jerk off on stream and more too, maybe forget the mic. go take a shit. loud fart noises.

maybe throwup all over my desk. clip it send it, sooner or later ill get a following for my dumbass antics and rages but also be a laughing stock till the day i die


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Not much to really be jealous about. He could be making quadruple that he is now and I still wouldn't see anything to be jealous about, personally.

Yeah he has his luck, and the wheelchairs that throw money at him like it's going out of style. But his life is miserable, he has nothing really going for him otherwise, his wife probably wished she married a PlayStation other than Phil. He spends thousands of dollars to play some WWE gacha game to get his gay fix. When he could be putting that money into a retirement fund, or hell even doing some actual gambling at a casino. At least then you might get something back.

He can have his "success", but his life is miserable and I wouldn't even wish to be in his shoes for a second.

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Yes I'm so hella jelly of some out of shape toxic asshole who plays video games all day and begs for quarters like a dancing monkey. He's in a loveless marriage with a woman who looks like a horse and is a serial grifter, her cooking repertoire is as basic and Midwestern as you can get and the highlight of his week is going out with his wife to grocery shop and eat taco bell.

There's literally nothing there to be jealous about. And if somebody is jealous of Phil then they really need to get their heads examined.


It is business related, and I still own it.
I do get upset from time to time when I put in 12 hour days, 6 days a week sometimes and this dude gets money day in and out doing the bare minimum. But, I know that he can't survive like this forever because A. he cannot budget and B. No one is going to want to watch a 45-year-old drama queen play games

Phil Ken Sebben

The Potato Whisperer.
I would agree with the op. Getting through life without working makes me jealous
According to Phil he works a lot harder now than when he had a real job.

Of course nobody other than his wheelchairs believe that. But even then, I wouldn't want Phil's life. Living with the knowledge that you will need to beg for tips online for the next 20 years is worse.


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Nothing to envy and plenty to pity from my point of view. The only thing he ever had in abundance was money and notoriety. The money is gone as fast as it comes, and the notoriety has reached critical mass and is part of a niche of culture.

I've never made a million dollars, and I don't really want to. I've also never been half a mil in the hole, and I don't want that either.

He's a friendless shut-in who begs about ~45-50 hours a week. We joke and say his marriage is loveless and cold, if she's even there, but look at any of his streams at any point and tell me that's a happy man.

He's cultivated a life that only functions (and barely at that) under these exact circumstances.

If anything gives, it all falls apart. If the paypigs burn out, it's over. If the fans collectively wake up and realize just how bad of an entertainer he is and the subs dry up, it's over. If Twitch bans him, he takes a pay cut (which may as well be game over). If they release a new gacha game that hooks him, that's more money chucked in the fire.

What's that old saying? Sometimes your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.


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What is there to be jealous of?

Sure he gets paid to play games but he's known as the guy who sucks at them but can actually be above noob in SF2 ST but still below the skill level required for a good player and is why he gets his shit kicked in by mediocre players who make a lot of mistakes in the match.

I guess its neat having a whole room as a tax write off but its a middle unit condo in a gated community surrounded by home owners association type people who phil thinks will have a problem with a cat running around the house at night. If I paid whatever Phil did for that "house" I'd want a place I can have a cat without neighbours.

I think it would be fun to play new games and share that experience with a community but he also shared his intimate Phil time with them and is ridiculed and known as "the guy that jacked off on stream".

He met a lot of cool people in the FGC but almost every one of them hates his guts or knows people who hate him or have a plain neutral attitude towards him. All those people he met don't care about him now.

He tried building a rep as an honest game reviewer and he says that's why he never gets promo products because of it. He never gets them because he doesn't ask, and because a simple google search shows him playing MGS screaming "kahjeema is a fuhking cacksucker"

When he does get review copies of things like the hori sticks, or Fallout 4 he's like a pig in mud he obviously likes it but he has to pretend he's still the realest motherfucker on the internet who doesn't shill, the assassins creed one was big shilling.

He single handedly brought down a gaming chair company but its ok because "at least he got the chair" which is now broken because its cheap chicky chong wang garbage but he still endorsed the company at the time?

Do I need to go on of how Phil is the last person anyone would be jealous of, for every little victory there is a monumental defeating reason to not be jealous of him. Honestly its a miracle he finds a reason to wake up in the morning. If I alienated my family, pissed off my friends to the extent of Rambo and Howard had a huge employment gap in my resume, lived off of hot dogs and potatoes, had gout, a broken chink chair and jerked off live on stream I'd probably just want to curl up and die.