Are we really jealous of Phil's success? - Gout, Bankruptcy and Vitriol. Sounds good?

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I think Charlie Brooker showed it best when he went around asking people if they'd like to be famous, and then asking everybody who said yes to name a famous person whose fame made them happy
Donald Trump
Daniel Bregoli
Milo Yianopolous
Joe The Plumber
Ben Garrison

Just to start.

Donald 'everything negative about me is fake news so stop being a bunch of meanies or I'll call you "sad" on Twitter' British Slang for Fart
Daniella Westbrook's nose
Milo the Dog from The Mask
Ben the Flowerpot Man
Now despite you cutting my post short in the quote before it says 'and they all went "errrr..."' I'll pretend you didn't do that.

With that out the way, it took a month of said going "errrr" to give me a list that's not very long, and that I'm not even entirely convinced is all that accurate considering how much the ones I've actually heard of so often bellyache about what the media says about them, which I'm doubtful brings them immense joy, so I'm gonna stick with Charlie Brooker's point.


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I'm really jealous of his amazing financial investments. Some whale would take that WWE account for a lot of money.

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someone asked around and found out it's only worth like $2000 or something.

Investing over $40,000 to get $2000 is not a good investment
Phil would be lucky to get $1000.
I would love to hear everyone's update now after the leak.

I forgot what I even put but, I'm gonna go with "What success?".
Actually a bit higher envy since we know Phil is making around $150k/year now. I would like lots of money for doing nothing.


Keeper of the Kawaii Avatars
someone asked around and found out it's only worth like $2000 or something.

Investing over $40,000 to get $2000 is not a good investment
Damn, even that was a bigger waste of money than I expected. I was thinking he could've at least gotten 10k back from that money waster.


Exceptional Theif
My simple brain still goes all floppy when told how much he makes a year. Like, not envious so much as I am baffled.

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