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On all levels except physical I am a wolf. [barks]
97; I guess this test post is 'lolcow approved'.


beep beep im a sheep
65. Sounds accurate.
edit: score was from first quiz, the one on 24 was going up towards 66+ and wasn't stopping.

Alright, think that's enough proof for me.
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getcha head in the game
right for the first one on the first page i got 50...

...for the second one i got 74...

brb revoking my membership from this site lol

Dutch Courage

Curious Onlooker
A hypothetical 29-year old heterosexual male who lives alone, with a bachelor's degree and full-time job, who belongs to no fandoms whatsoever, who is not especially political, who sometimes gets frustrated at stuff and cusses is "eccentric"?

I think if you invent a personality test that assumes all people must belong to a fandom, you are already starting from an "eccentric" base...
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I got 43 on the page 1 one and 20 on the Page 24 one. Seven of those points came from this fucking question:

25: How many plastic or plush trinkets have you acquired after the age of 12?
-A: None, or got them as gifts (0)
-B: 5 or fewer (2)
-C: 6-10(3)
-D: 11-20 (5)
-E: I lost count (7)
I like Amiibos, fuck you.

idk how you know if ur in a fandom.
I figure if at least half of your friends came from that fandom, and half of what you talk about is related to said fandom, you're in that fandom.

Chin of Campbell

Hail to the Chin
47, ouch. I need to try harder if I'm going to get my own subforum.

I counted simply "liking" Pokemon, other anime and video games as being a part of the fandom, though, since I don't interact with any groups focused around those things. Maybe I should start writing fan fiction...

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