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The Janitor

I'm gonna shove this broom so far up your arse...
Test 1: 59.

Test 2: 51.

Test 3: 56.

I average about 55.3. Not surprising.


Action Bastard
40-55: Laughing stock. Not too noteworthy, but enjoyable to point and laugh at.
43. Well, shit. I have a problem with Conservatism being worth more points than Liberalism, though. There are plenty, sure, but most lolcows are undoubtedly SJWs, so that feels skewed. If that was corrected, I'd be a tier lower. Oddball.

Excuse me while I Reeeeeee

EDIT: Saw the second test on page 24. Scored a 22 that time. "NORP. Normal, ordinary, reasonable person. Decidedly NOT a lolcow. "
I feel better.
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Becoming my parents. Get off my lawn.

I'm over 30, follow some video game franchises, can't draw for shit, am mildly to severely irritable at times, curse a lot when irritable, and live with someone else besides my parents (my wife.) Have been told I fit the mold of 'Libertarian,' but Christ, I don't know. Do whatever you want in moderation but leave me out of it.

Please accept my pound of flesh, bait thread!

PT 522

39 -- oh god I'm a borderline laughingstock.
Glad I never used the internet when I was younger because I would have gotten an easy 100.
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Living situation fucked me I have goals for employment, but stuff keeps getting fucked and I am not an only child so back burner I go.
I want to be a dialysis technician I want to help people because I know what it feels like to feel helpless or like no one cares. Sorry for the powerlevel.
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Derp From Above

Stupid is as Stupid Derps

I am wandering how many points I get for being a fan [I counted the full ammo] but not like a super fan? I mean I love me some animu but I'm not passionate about it. Fark me.

PL 001

36 on the original test (didn't bother to go searching for the other revisions)

I'm not rich enough to be called eccentric, so I suppose I'll just settle for weirdo. I can live with that.

Okay, so what if you, lets say stream video games for about 8 hours a week, but it is really just an excuse to hang out online with a friend that moved away? Can I dock some points for that or does that make it worse? I'm at 68 for the page 24 test and I want to know if this will tip it.

the bee flies anyways

♡ ✧・゚:* bees ♡ ✧・゚:*
first test: 76
second test: 64

I'm pretty disappointed with myself, but I'll try to improve to get a low score, I hope,,,, someday.

D min7
57 on the original
52 on the Pg. 24 revised quiz

A little worrying, I guess, but I can live with it.

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