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Super Color Up

59 on the first test, 59 on the revision.

Good to know my patheticness remains balanced, at the very least. Can't say I'm not honest, eh?


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I got a 56 on the first test, a 44 on the second and a 44 on the more recent one. I'm really surprised right now.

Basil II

le putin machine
29 on the revised, eh alright then.

Took the revised test as CWC, got 201.
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40. I'm a laughing stock. I curse a lot especially in real life, I just snap. But always with a reason, like if someone is catcalling me or being a cunt without a reason to me etc.

23 = Eccentric. Kind of an oddball, but okay in spite of (or maybe because of) your weirdness.

Not too shabby. I mean anyone who comes to kiwifarms has to be at least a little weird, right?

Kate Farms Shill

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34 on original 28 on revised

I think this may be a sign that I'm too boring maybe I need to get a port installed @Kate Farms Shill you gotta help me waste resources to get interesting
21 on the revised. I think this is the first time in my life that I've been considered normal.

Let me set you up with my concierge doctor, I'm sure he'd love to refer you to have some holes punched in your body if you give him money.
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The Degenerate Wildcard

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74 on the OG quiz. 84 on the revised.

I suppose it takes a lolcow to like discussing about lolcows, I guess. You can call me a goodcow. And hell, maybe my degeneracy could help me get info on other, more nasty deviants.

And least I'm on your side, right?
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I'm a 49 yeah I'm a laughing stock but I'm gainfully employed and doing alright. I already have a thread dedicated to me seriously feel free to message me I'm not that fucking weird.