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Doing an updated version because why not?
One: How intelligent are you?
Average Intelligence (2)

Two: How do you react towards reasonable criticism?
I take it, and try to improve with the advice if true. (1)

Three: What is your fitness like?
Average weight, I keep myself that way on purpose. (1)

Four: What is your Sex?
Actual Tranny (1)

Five: How are you doing employment wise?
I'm working part time cause I want to. (2)

Six: What's your education?
Education beyond High School Level (2)

Seven: Where are you on the Autism spectrum?
Clear Assbergers (3)

Eight: How clean are you?
I shower n' shit (1)

Nine: How active are you?
I do what's needed. (1)

Ten: Virgin?
Yep, but I'm not bothered. (3)

Eleven: How do you spend your money?
I get a little carried away. (2)

Twelve: Substance use.
Never touched stuff like that once. (1)

Thirteen: Ego
I have a fair view of myself. (1)

Fourteen: How defense are you of yourself / what's related to you?
I get a little perky when someone talks shit. (2)

Fifteen: Do you go off on rants?
Of course. (3)

Sixteen: Fandoms?
I'm involved in fandoms, but it doesn't prevent me from doing anything else in my life. (2)

Seventeen: What are your political beliefs?
Extremist (4)

Eighteen: What do you think of those with differing opinions?
They are misled. (2)

Nineteen: Ever dated before?
Yep. (1)

Twenty: How honest are you with those around you?
I'm just me. (1)

Twenty One: How easily persuaded are you?
I think well for myself, but when it's needed, I realize the meaning in other's beliefs. (1)

Twenty Two: Around how old are you?
Early Twenty's to Thirty's (3)

Twenty Three: Do you often flip out?
I have my moments. (2)

Twenty Four: Do you care about things besides yourself/ things related to you?
Yes. (1)

Twenty Five: How honest were you with your answers here?
Little fibs here and there don't hurt. (2)

Add up your total number of points out of 100.

25 to 40- Just another normie.
41 to 60 - Eccentric.
61 to 80 - TURN BACK NOW
81 to 100 - Pull out those utters.
45- Eccentric. UwU

Backs my Walls
44 on the original, 56 on the p. 24 one. Mostly because I used to write fanfic (I was in a dark place, I'm not proud) and I say fuck a lot. Where's my thread, assholes.


26 on the original test, 44 on the updated one. I think my love of Final Fantasy (just playing the games TBH, I haven't cosplayed as any FF character or believed it was real) and living by myself probably pushed me over the NORP fence and into the "eccentric" category. Also I play waaaaay too much vidya. :(
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Damn Furfag

43 about 2 years ago.
33 today. (Because the furry fandom needs to burn in the darkest pit one can find)

Autumnal Equinox

1. What is your age range?

-D: 31-35 (3)

2. What is your gender?
-A: Male (0)

3. What fandoms do you belong to? Add all that apply.

-Being really into something but not necessarily to "fandom" levels (trains, fantasy sports, audio equipment, etc)... add 2 for each one to a maximum of (10) total for this category

Tabletop pen and paper games (2)

4. What is your sexuality?

-B: Homosexual (0)

5. What is your relationship status?
-A: Single (0)

6. Do you have any sexual fetishes?
- A: No, or if I did I wouldn't tell you (0)

7. What is your level of artistic skill?

-B: Terrible, and I know it's terrible (3)

8. Are you outspoken in your religious beliefs (including atheism)?

-B: I'm open about it, but I won't push it on others (2)

9. Where are you on the political spectrum?
Double your score if you identify as a libertarian or socialist, triple if transhumanist or ancap, quadruple it if you identify as a neoreactionary or communist

-C: I'm a liberal/centrist/conservative and I'll engage in some debate, but I keep it civil. I'm a libertarian so (4)

10. Are you a furry?

-B: No (0)

11. Are you otherkin?

-B: No (0)

12. How anger prone are you?

-B: I frustrate easily (6)

13. Do you show this on the Internet?
-A: I try not to (-3)

14. Do you use strong language?

-B: Damn straight! (0)

15. Are you a virgin?

-B: No (0)

16. If you answered "Yes" to the above, why?

-D: I answered no (0)

17. Are you autistic or do you have a diagnosed mental disorder?
-A: Yes, but I'm medically diagnosed and participating in treatment (0)

18. What is your housing situation?

-C: Living alone or with significant other/ family you started (0)

19. What is your employment status?

-D: Full-time (0)

20. What is the highest level of education you completed?
Unaccredited post-secondary education gets (3) for each degree

-D: Bachelor's Degree (0)

21: Do you have an article dedicated to you on Encyclopedia Dramatica?

-B: No (0)

22: How often do you use Tumblr?
Add (3) for every Tumblr account you have in addition to your first one
-A: Never (0)

23: Bro, do you even lift/exercise/play sports?

-B: Nah brah (3)

24: You had a really shitty day. Your first instinct is to:

-B: Talk to your IRL friends in private (0)

25: How many plastic or plush trinkets have you acquired after the age of 12?
-A: None, or got them as gifts (0)

26: How many hours a week do you spend playing vidya:
Add (3) if you are on an esports team or double your score in this category if you are a speedrunner

-B: 1-5 (1)

27: Rapid Fire Round 1: Venial Sins
You score (2) for each in this category


-Own a sword
-Purchased and read YA fiction as an adult
-Turned down a social invite to binge on TV/vidya
-Have a Deviantart account

27: Rapid Fire Round 2: Mortal Sins
You score (5) for each in this category

28: Rapid Fire Round 3: Redemption
Subtract 3 points for each of the following:


-You're a homeowner
-Your hobbies have made you legitimate income (through selling goods or services rather than e-begging)

BONUS ROUND: Personal Hygiene
I bathe every:
-A: Day or twice a day if I need to (0)

0-9: Bullshit. Take it again and be honest this time. If you were this normal, you wouldn't know what Kiwi Farms is.
10-25: NORP. Normal, ordinary, reasonable person. Decidedly NOT a lolcow.
26-39: Eccentric. Kind of an oddball, but okay in spite of (or maybe because of) your weirdness.
40-54: Decidedly weird. You probably overshare too. Still, there's hope for you yet.
55-70: Laughing stock. Not too noteworthy, but enjoyable to point and laugh at.
71-132: Lolcow. You will be mocked, and you will deserve it.
132+ : BITCH, ARE YOU FOR REAL?! Time for you to have a wiki dedicated to you!
23. I'm a boring normie according to this version.
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37 on the original and 44 for the updated one. Eccentric for both tests, guess I'm a little crazy.
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Screech Man Bad

No your honor, THEY did the nuisance filings.
48 old test
56 new one

Some points I didn't think should count for so much really got me but, I guess that only further proves my exceptionalism.

Dr. Dickhead

I thought I'd pretend I was one of those "Normies"
Thank Satan and Supreme Leader I'm only Eccentric. Then again, I'm not dead yet


You Are A Pirate
firmly in eccentric territory, but also mostly because i work part time due to being a student and tend to swear a ton. them 5's add up.