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It's been fun.
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Page 1: 24
Page 24: 28

Huh. Didn't change too much. I'm a fan of many different games and anime, but nothing I'd say constitutes me being in a *Fandom* is the biggest reason nothing changed much for me.
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You serious?
27 here.

I'm wondering why you get less lolcow points for being an otherkin than you do for being a furry. Furries are only usually mentally deficient, whereas otherkin are always mentally deficient.

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Why is having your own place a point on the scale? Isn't it normal to have your own place?


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8. Where do you lie on the political spectrum?
-A: Conservative (7)
-B: Liberal (5)
-C: Libertarian (7)
-D: Moderate (1)
-E: I don't give a shit. (0)
-A: Conservatives (3). They're too boring to be lolcows.
-B: SJW (9). No need to explain.
-C: Libertarian (7). Spot on.
-D: Classical Liberal/Centrist (5). They're spergy as hell and high off their own farts.
-E: I don't give a shit (0). Spot on.
-F: Ironybro (-2). Hard to make fun of someone who acts retarded on purpose.
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51. I'm okay with being a laughingstock. That said, it'd be nice if there was more stuff that actually related directly to lolcow behavior rather than just "Do you like things that happen to be popular? 20 points".

"How often do you get in trouble for voicing your opinions or sharing your thoughts (including art)?" might be a good question to add; I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd qualify for higher scores who wouldn't categorize as lolcows largely because they have enough sense to not be too open about their weird bullshit or problems around everyone they know. A primary hallmark of a true lolcow is oversharing, after all.


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I got a whopping 73. But I did count more than one answer for some questions so (:_(

Really fucking late edit: this is the page 1 quiz. Haven't done the others.
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37 on the Page 1 quiz
28 on the Page 8 quiz
18 on the Page 24 quiz

That's about what I expected, to be honest.

Adding in the college caveat post-page 1 and the option that subtracted 10 points on page 8 at the very end definitely helped lower the score a bit, although the Homestuck one did consistently keep fucking me over (even if I don't agree with a shitton of stuff the fandom/WhatPumpkin does, I've still actively engaged enough with the webcomic to be considered part of the "fandom").

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20. 25 if you count watching a show as "being in a fandom" even if you don't actively discuss it with people online.