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Enoby Way

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An even 50. Hair trigger temper, swearing a fuckton, and an openness to shipping anything that moves with anything else that moves...
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I scored 145 my dude. I mean, I always have been a lolcow to myself but I did NOT expect this.
Edit: I added all of them up and the maximum score you can get is 525. JESUS CHRIST ON A STICK IF YOU ACTUALLY SCORED THIS HIGH-
I feel like as long as you don't make it public you're fine. Having your autism in check is the ultimate anti-lolcow vaccine. That being said I accrued a gazillion points just for liking shit like pokemon or videogames :(
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i got an 80 on the page 24 test. this test is rigged because most of my points come from the fact i autisticly like undertale, am at least a socdem, and is at least sort of a furry, other then that i was doing really well

William Tell Underpass

Op 25
pg 24: 42

I think that under education PHD should earn you 10 points unless you are over 45 because young people with PHDs are usually scared to leave the education safety net.

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I have a question regarding the fandoms thing. Does it count if you're just a fan and you don't interact with other fans? Because I despise the fandoms of basically everything I like, including the more normal stuff.
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Page 1: 76
Page 8: 69
Page 24: 74

Most of the points came from my being a Weeb who also follows Sonic for childhood nostalgia/cringing at tism purposes.


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For whoever necroes the thread yeah, but why others?
I'll allow you to ponder this for a moment and what it says about somebody who fills this out and posts all their scores on all the different tests across the thread.
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