Aren't we kind of giving lolcows what they want when they talk about them? -

Lolcows clearly get off on negative attention. Aren't we giving them what they want when we make threads about them and talk about them? Or is there a kind of negative attention they don't like (for example when you expose their hypocrisy and make them look dumb)? What if they are the kind of lolcows who thrive on looking dumb and behaving like jackasses?


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What does it matter as long as people are entertained and laugh. If some cow wants to continue flinging shit and screaming that just makes it more funny because that the only way they know how to get any attention.
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It's just laughing at dumbasses making fools of themselves publicly, there is no adversarial relationship with "lolcows", stop being a weird idiot about such a simple concept
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