Aren't we kind of giving lolcows what they want when they talk about them? -

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Interesting thought.

I disagree with a few things you are raising though.

One) we aren't here to punish lolcows we are here to laugh at them, whether they get off on it or not is inconsequential to the intent of this site.

Two) Lolcows are all different and just like there are many many flavors of comedy there exist many types of cow.
For example Munchie and Spoony lolcows want attention and victimhood we give them every reason to feel victimized by laughing at them and it creates a feedback loop, we laugh, they get more asspats the cycle continues but most munchies dont want to get better and are immune to reason, if it wasn't us being their victimizers it's their doctors or their friends and family etc.

Many lolcows are addicted to attention and sure this site can be seen as feeding that addiction for some. But if it weren't us doing it they'll fufill that sick need some other way

The farms is a place to collect the lolz and preserve them regardless whether the cow approves or disapproves


They want attention, but most of them want positive attention. They want to be surrounded by yes-men who will constantly validate how cool/interesting/inspirational they are. That’s why they freak out when they find out they have a thread here — they can’t stand the idea of somebody knowing they exist and not revering or praising them.

Ironically, for the ones who want to be seen as victims, this arrangement actually works in their favor. They need an oppressor, and if they can’t find one, they’ll have to make one up. Good thing we’re here to play that role, huh?


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So? does it change the fact they're lolcows? Not in the slightest. So unless you halal yourself, don't worry.


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Then they wouldn't be doing exceptional shit like DMCA attempts if they were using us.

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Not really, most of the people featured on this site have reacted to being featured here very negatively. At best they're apathetic. Even the ones who actually like the attention don't like the fact that they're being made fun of instead of admired like they think they should be.

Not really, most of the people featured on this site have reacted to being featured here very negatively. At best they're apathetic. Even the ones who actually like the attention don't like the fact that they're being made fun of instead of admired like they think they should be.
I don't know... people who behave outrageously and put it on the internet for the world to see know what kind of reaction they are going to get.
What if they do know they are going to get that reaction but they want haters like someone else mentioned so they can look like brave victims who fight agains the evil oppressors and get even more admiration/praise from their admirers?
Most of them aren't smart or aware enough to know consciously what they are doing though. Besides the more tard cum they drop the more people see how delusional they are and walk away which is a good thing. The cows are left with very few admirers and fade into oblivion.

Technically? Probably, yes. I find it a fair trade off for the entertainment. If some freak humiliates themselves "b-but I wanted you to acknowledge it, I've gotten what I wanted!" I don't feel as though someone's gotten one over on me. I don't care about their perception of what's happening, I just want a trainwreck to gawk at.
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your user and avatar picture speak for themselves. it was likely you would post something like this

sit back and enjoy the Farms and you will have a better time

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lolcows love attention, but we aren't exactly giving them the kind of attention they want. Most of them want to be admired and praised for being special and exceptional and we don't do that. So, no, we aren't giving them what they want.

Some others love to be victims, yes, so technically, we're feeding them with some victimhood to claim. Except, in most cases, when they feel victimized, they run to twitter or youtube to cry until those bad people are removed. Null here doesn't do that, so they don't get that either.

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Rationally that makes sense but if they didn't enjoy on some level to get bashed like this they wouldn't behave like this, would they? What if their anger is just their way of getting more bashed...
You're psychoanalyzing, and doing it terribly. They all want attention and vindication, acceptance, the same bullshit everyone else wants. Their inability to seek this out in a "normal", healthy fashion has resulted in the manifestation of perverse, delusional, irrational thought and behavior. There is no Freudian agenda here. It ain't that fucking deep.
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