ARG / Alternate Reality Games - Autism in Fiction

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Favorite type of ARG?

  • The autistic ones

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  • The ™ ones

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Sunflower Overseer

Being a lazy dog without a treat
Stories that are so fake that looks so real, it could only happen on a movie, they said.

But what about something that looks like is being told in real time, but still fake as a note of 3 dollars.

ARGs enter on this section.

The autism of the OP even told him to separate in 4 brands(Creppy, autistic , ™ and brand promotion )

The creppy ones are the most easy to find, sometimes they have a bunch of effort behind them:

Other times they are lazy but have an inspiration behind them:

Other times they try to ride in the Ben drowned wild ride:

The autistic ones are more hard to find, since autism come in many ways, mainly in a forum about autism everything can fool the most innocent eyes, but here is 2 of them:

The ™ ones runs around something big, a show perhaps, or just a person maybe. (R.I.P.)

The brand promotion ones unlock something perhaps, it makes people talk about that brand at least:

Does someone have good examples to give, what you really like about ARGs, what interesting ARGs are you accompanying, discuss.