World Argentinian woman stabbed 30 times by boyfriend who would join her in local "#NiUnaMenos" feminist marches - The "male ally" theory keeps falling apart

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Nope, it's a real thing. They had passed "femicide" laws in Argentina. So now every time some dude kills a broad, doesn't matter the real reason why it happened, they throw in that "femicide" law in there, implying that not only she's dead because of whatever the defendant has done, but also because the victim was a woman. Same concept as the 'murican "hate crime" laws.

This dude clearly killed his ex because he is a sperg and a beta orbiter who lucked out for a while, not because she was a woman. It's complete bullshit.
Law showing once again it thinks woman are lesser than men. I would think the feminists would be screaming murdered equally.

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The best part of the "Ni Una Menos" movement is that is grammatically incorrect. Should be "Ni Una Mas" (not one more women killed). Instead, it implies they are asking for more women being killed... I guess the murderer here is a Grammar Nazi.

I am incapable of giving a shit about any crime/transgression that has a "cute" neologism name.
"Feminicide" is something that existed before this recent Feminist hysteria. It means the crime of killing a woman for being a woman. The Chinese aborting babies because they were female or the many crimes in Muslim societies committed to women (honor killings, etc) are, by definition, feminicides. Of course, this is again one more instance of white liberal wahmen stealing the real problems that 'women of color' have. And yes, even here in Latin America, many of the women promoting this shit happens to be upper class women, even if not white.

until he proclaims he was actually a male feminist because he's secretly a beautiful transwomyn and he killed his girlfriend because she was transphobic
Trannies don't get the insane protections they have over in NA down in south america.

If he tries to pull the tranny card odds are he'll get gutted in prison or even before, particularly considering the crime took place in a southern province, far from the progressive bastion of Buenos Aires.

Wait, "femicide?" Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does this mean that they've made it a different crime to kill a woman versus killing a human being, or is it just rhetoric?
It's a different categorization so to speak (I can't translate legal terms very well), normal ass murder can net you from 8 to 25 years in prison, which can be made perpetual prison if enough "aggravants" are added to it (direct family ties, etc.).

Femicide is defined in an entirely different way, it says something akin to the "ownership, abuse and destruction of female and feminized bodies "(to include trannies), it uses "systematic patriarchal opression of non-visible bodies(sic)" as a justification of the utter batshit definition and entire new "crime" it goes for.

Femicide technically has a requirement of proof beyond doubt that the victim was killed only for their status as, again "a female or feminized bodied person", but judges here don't give a flying fuck and will apply it whenever a woman is killed regardless of intent and circumstances.

Femicide, unlike regular ass killin' will automatically be perpetual prison.

Also, as a note of colour, this change/addition to the penal code was approved unanimously.

But hey, this is coming from the country that has had the dubious honour of having a #MeToo suicide 8 months before Zoe Quinn got a bodycount, americans BTFO, we were first.
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The best part of the "Ni Una Menos" movement is that is grammatically incorrect. Should be "Ni Una Mas" (not one more women killed). Instead, it implies they are asking for more women being killed... I guess the murderer here is a Grammar Nazi.
I was trying to figure out what that meant. I remember a Spanish woman asked after my profession (at the time I was teaching basic computing to old folks in Español) and when I showed her the syllabus she said "Wait the the correct word for computer is ordenador, not computadora". "You think working class people from Puerto Rico and DR speak proper Spanish?" i asked her. "They'd be lost, I have to use the vernacular". Every country has their own I suppose.

Wait, "femicide?" Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does this mean that they've made it a different crime to kill a woman versus killing a human being, or is it just rhetoric?
I don't know how things work in the USA. but in Italy it's called femicide a crime where a woman is killed by a male relative/spouse/boyfriend/friend because of "abject and frivolous reasons". The assassin should show a sense of ownership or entitlement toward the victim, may it be sexual, emotional, cultural or all of three. EG, a girl who works as a cashier killed during am armed robbery = not femicide. At least for now it doesn't include transwomen.

Usually the most common reason for femicide is not requiting the assassin's feelings. But there were also cases of men who wanted to dump their girlfriend and instead of just dumping her they killed her. Or that Muslim father who killed his daughter because she was "too Westerner". Then there's the recent case where a man fell in love with a lesbian, she kept telling him that she would never become his girlfriend, and when she decided that it was better to close their friendship, he thought that killing her and bury her in the woods would be a good idea. It took our police almost two weeks to find his sorry, exceptional ass.

One of the constants for femicide, at least in my country, is that a lot of these murderers never had precedents for violence or committed any kind of crime before killing their victim.

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The thing with feminicides is that you're accusing men of thinking something they could or could not have thought. It implies that a man who dates a woman is in a superior position just by being a man, and the woman is also in an inferior position for being a woman. The murder is the "logical" consequence of that unbalance. There is NO WAY to prove or disprove this unless you're a feminist.

I once worked with a man who I thought to be sexist. The way I feel about him was "ok, I guess actual sexist people do exist". Later, I saw he was pretty much an asshole who treated most people badly. The fact he tended to be unkind to women was merely a coincidence as most women close to him were not up to his expectations, but he also had low opinions for men. I later found out he had daughters and he loved them deeply. A sexist man wouldn't be sending their daughters to college so they could always depend on themselves.

Many feminists I know, especially third-wavers, believe that unbalance I mentioned above is a real thing. That women are ALWAYS in a lower position than men, who are always oppressing women and that heterosexuality is oppressive by default. The woman who was murdered likely felt the same, so, the question is, why would she date a man in first place? If my own ideology tells me ALL MEN are always up to take advantage of women and they can't help it, I wouldn't want to be anywhere close to a man. Are feminists so stupid that despite they're chanting "men are scum!" all day, they will think "but not this one!" as soon as an ally shows up?

thing is, it means no less women alive because "WE'RE GETTING MURDERED EVUURYDAY BY MEN"
Yes, that's what they say, but it's very forced and it's not the first impression when you read it.
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These people never learn. Nobody likes male feminists, nobody. Actual feminists think they are creepy, anti-feminists think they are betas and the rest of the people think they are condescending idiots. Buy they never learn: that's why they are male feminists.

For those wonder about "feminicide", the term is apparently used for homicides that involve hatred of women, like domestic violence or rape followed by murder. In theory, the term is fine for some crimes but its so broad that could be basically everything, from passionate crimes to just violent assualts against women.
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