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Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump"Hey I'm Grump!" of Game Grumps fame, hypocritical SJW doxer, shat himself recording a let's play

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by 2odastream, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. 163.gif
    Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is a Newgrounds animator turned youtube let's player who hosts the channel Game Grumps. Arin likes to think of himself as an expert of politics and game design, constantly spouting on about how woke he is and even starting a series on youtube called Sequelitis to talk about how he knows what makes a piece of vidya fun. Peeling back the layers of fat, however, Arnold is a hypocritical blowhard who's ammassed an army of children to give him ass pats whenever he does something wrong. No one has really covered his endless controversies due to his status as "non-problematic funny youtube man" that's made his SJW fanbase stick to him like velcro, even if that entire persona is faked by him.

    To deconstruct Arin's personality, his "Ego" if you will, we have to break it down into three points: his deviancy, his hypocrisy and his DSP levels of tard rage.

    1. Deviancy

    Arin is a very professional man, he'd have you believe. He claims to run a company, not a youtube channel, and will go on about he's made it and such despite screaming at video games being the easiest thing to make money off of. So you'd think he'd maintain a squeaky clean image and avoid all controversy? No of course not, this is the same guy who sucks up to his wife's cunt to the point where he helps white knight her Etsy scams [archive] (more info in his wife's thread [archive], yeah these are married cows!). Which isn't the only thing he sucks up to.
    This is also the same guy who likes to crossdress and profess how he thinks women are better than men [archive] (also I had to sit through three entire minutes of modern Grumps episode just to find this specific timestamp, it's so boring an unwatchable they talk about anal and Arin gets all feminist about "all women" not liking it, so y'all motherfuckers better be grateful), which is not something you should state if you want to seem like a businessman.
    Game Grumps isn't just a studio for middle aged men let's playing, however, they also dabble in making/publishing games. For example, their first title was known as Dream Daddy, a game one of their employees came up with because she liked perving on children's fathers at Disneyland [archive]. Dream Daddy is a game so bad, so pandering to the progressive tumblrites that is the Game Grumps fanbase, that actual gay men in their employ called them out on this [archive]. Of course, you can imagine the Game Grumps fanbase is very tolerant towards people that go against Daddy Arin and Daddy Danny so this totally didn't lead to them sperging out and Arin allegedly barred them from being in the GG studio.

    This wasn't the last of Dream Daddy's controversy, as up next the GG fanbase would go after a woman who drew genderflipped fan art of the DD cast with them as the opposite gender and the worst part was they were backed by gaming press! [archive] This art was bad and problematic because one of those "Daddies" is trans, therefore... you're supposed to keep them as a man? I don't know why the Grumps fanbase shat their pants over this, genderflipping a trans man into (pressumably) a trans woman is a progressive thing to do, no? Anyway, the point is Arin Hanson has cultivated this kind of fanbase by having his company make games that sexualise real people, endorsing the #Polygrumps tumblr tag to the point that fans making rule 34 of the people on Game Grump have a reddit page dedicated to it [archive] and still has the nerve to suggest he runs a professional and "clean" business.

    2. Hypocrisy

    Arin is a very progressive man, so he'd have you believe. Sure he used to make edgy jokes on Game Grumps [archive], but maybe that was due to the influence of former co-host and BFF Jon "Aryan" Jafari AKA JonTron putting subliminal nazi ideology in Arin's head. Good boy Arin couldn't possible be a massive edgelord who is now trying to cover himself up by playing SJW? Well, fasten your seatbelts this is juicy as fuck.

    In an old animation livestream Arin has admitted to having to "scream Nigger" after meeting a black person to "get it out of his system". Because that's what all normal people do, right? [archive] This is extra ironic after Arin stated he wouldn't want JonTron back on Game Grumps because of harmful opinions [archive], and after he stated he hates Twitter for not deplatforming enough pRoBlEmAtIc PeOpLe [archive] yet shouldn't he be the last person to talk or even be on these platforms because of shit like this? Keep in mind, he was hardly young and careless, the guy's pushing forty. Nor was he young and careless when him and current co-host Dan Avidan doxed a guy.

    Yes, the Game Grumps doxed a guy. Isn't that our job? For such proud SJWs Dan and Arin can't keep their mouths shut. On a playthrough of Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast Arin needed a walkthrough read out to him (lol), during the Knuckles stages the walkthrough begins to frustate Ego because it doesn't tell him where the collectables are [archive]. This is due to the locations of the emerald pieces needed to beat the stage are randomly decided, Arin doesn't understand this and begins insulting the walkthrough maker because he didn't predict in 2004 that some exceptional individual almost a decade later would need help beating a fucking Sonic game. Dan then reads out the IRL name of the guy that made the walkthrough, then tells the people watching Game Grumps to send messages to him right after both of them talk shit about this walkthrough he made when he was twelve. [archive] You can imagine, when your fanbase is consisted of twelve year olds that thirst after Dan because he's in a band, that the Game Grumps audience took it upon themselves to find out about the guy's family and then harass them. Progressive, right?

    The funniest part about this is that despite Dan making an apology [archive], turns out they weren't actually remorseful at all because in a recent playthrough of Skyward Sword the Grumps admit that they didn't think they did anything wrong [archive]. So not only are these guys SJWs, they're not even good at being SJWs.

    3. Arin can't play video games

    Arin considers himself a game design expert, nay, a game design scholar! He started a career in game journalism with his series Sequelitis, providing video essays of sorts comparing and reviewing sequels of games to their precursors. People who love Arin will always point to his 'Mega Man X vs. Classic' [archive] video as being a masterpiece of game design analysis, despite all its points being really obvious beginner grade shit like "tutorials iz bad" and "when an enemy is coming towards you your instinct is to jump". [archive] Shit like that.
    The University of Houston actually showed this shit in class! And no, that's not shopped, it's from an r/GameGrumps thread. [archive]

    The most infamous episode of Sequelitis however, was 'Ocarina of Time vs. Link to the Past.' [archive] A video that split everyone down the middle, some gay followers of Arin like the youtuber Caddicarus view it as an excellent video because it goes against the grain and disses a game people (like real critics, for example) consider a masterpiece. Because contrarians.

    This video by Arin actually has more hate and responses than a JonTron controvery. Never underestimate angry nerds.
    People who actually pay attention will see it's just some guy waxing nostalgic about how his favourite game is good because muh childhood and Ocarina isn't as good because it isn't like the game from muh childhood. Then he complains that people gave Skyword Sword good reviews, like it matters. However, after the dust settled there was a Game Grumps playthrough that came out where Arin goes back to Zelda: Ocarina to reinforce his points and maybe illustrate what he meant when he made that video. The result?

    Arin hates Ocarina of Time because he's really, really bad at it.
    The curtain was pulled back and turned out Arin didn't make his conclusions based on FACTS and LOGIC but rather because he was asshurt that the game kept killing him. Stuff like not ever using the shield, needing a walkthrough to get through the puzzles and equipping boots that negatively affect traction throughout the whole game absolutely demolished Arin's pretensions and it was hilarious. There's an entire compilation of him reaching DSP levels of incompetence and having tantrums on easy shit like the Gerudo fortress. Turns out the expert on Game Design is shit at video games. Hey, guess he really is a games journalist!

    In fact, there's multiple 'This is How You Don't Play: Game Grumps Edition' compilations of him being really bad at video games while trying to save face. Some guys made a little trilogy out of the Zelda ones, where if you add up the run time of all the videos combined, Arin's tard rage is supercut and it still somehow reaches up to fourteen hours. Yet they're probably the best Game Grumps content since Jon left and the show became PC, but in a so bad it's good way. Usually GG's editing is so shitty there's literally 90 seconds of silence due to editing mistakes and constant filler to make it to fifteen minutes, but with these videos it's condensed so you just see a pretentious fool making an ass of himself and being obnoxiously unfunny for the whole thing. It's like a hilarious highlight reel of someone being a dumb shit, made extra funny because people actually look up to this like he's the Roger Ebert of vidya shit.

    [archive 1] [archive 2]
    The supreme highlights of these compilations is the fact that Arin doesn't even finish Majora and Skyward. With the former he dies on a MINIBOSS, and then goes on a long screed because a shop in-game is shut where he says "you're allowed to like this game I have no problem with that" and then immediately after "I hate that people think this game is fantastic". It's hilarious.

    Keep in mind this guy thinks he's a video game design scholar, yet can figure out you need to put a shield up to block attacks during combat.

    In Conclusion

    Arin Hanson is a pretentious, fat degenerate who constantly digs himself into controversy. By it with his old incel-tier videos about his wife [archive] or his new controversy like making bank on a meme then getting angry when people quote it. [archive] His tantrums about how he's right about politics or game design are way more hilarious than his dumb, badly aged cartoons or his let's plays where he jokes about farting. His popularity is on the decline and I think part of him can't handle it, eventually his toxic little fanbase will grow up and leave. Then he won't be able to ride the social justice gravy train. Then his co-host will leave to get a proper career and he won't be able to ride the gravy train of a man much more interesting than him. His decline may not be evident yet, but GG's views are stagnant and it's only a matter of time before the best meltdowns of his career come to fruition.
    GG used to get millions of views an episode in a matter of hours. Now it takes months for an episode to hit a million, it's a slow decline but a sure one.

    Also he shat himself while recording a GG episode. [archive]

    Youtube [archive]
    Twitter [archive]
    Game Grumps youtube [archive]
    Game Grumps twitter [archive]
    Old, shitty, locked thread [archive]

    Cow Crossovers
    Arin has associated with a lot of cows over the years, guess he has a talent for surrounding himself with people so exceptional he makes himself look better. So just who does Arin, professional businessman and Wile E. Coyote-level genius, choose to associate with?
    This is a section for people considered Arin's friends, or people he has at least promoted with knowledge of who they are and chose to associate with them. Also his wife.
    Acquaintances and cows that have brief stints of drama with the guy. People that aren't really Arin's friends, but he has brushed with them regardless. Him knowing of their crazy behaviour is way less likely in cases like these, because he hasn't chose to buddy up with them multiple times or cover their ass. Cow cameos, if you will.

    Shit I missed
    • JonTron leaving Game Grumps is a whole debacle that could make its own subsection, for those wondering about his departure and the drama surrounding it there's a video made by The Gamer From Mars which covers the ordeal and the rumours that came out of its poor handling. Another testament on either how shitty Arin is with PR or how he can't hire people who can handle PR correctly.

    Thread updates
    Any new drama and announcements of corrections or edits will go here.
    - Thread added, can't get rid of islamic crossdressing attachment because I'm a tard. Bah.
    - Added cow crossover section for any GG-related cows.
    -Fixed miscellaneous errors.
    -Aaaand we're out of proving grounds. Good shit.
    -Added Maddox info.
    -Added a more specific clip for Arin sharting himself like a pig, originally it linked to the full episode. [archive]
    -Fixed miscellaneous errors.
    -Added aptly named 'Shit I missed' section.
    -Started new section off with adding That Gamer from Mars' video on JonTron's departure from Game Grumps.
    -Added Shmorky to cow crossover section.
    -Added Chris Lee to cow crossover section.
    -Added bullet point formatting for cow crossover section.
    -Added spoilers for differentiating major and minor cows in Arin's life.
    -Added Dan Harmon to major cow crossovers.
    -Fixed miscellaneous errors.

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    #1 2odastream, Jan 13, 2019
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    2odastream r/Drama queen

  2. Next... Suzie the Goose.
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  3. Goddamn, more like the friggin Game Tramp.
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  4. I knew he was bad but holy fuck this is way worse than i thought
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    Ballo Blessed ET Jesus

  5. Bah, I should have known, but I shall search for it then. The Goose must be cooked.
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  6. Finally about time this shows up on the Farms.
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  7. I'm not super familiar with Arin and co, but if there are other people related to him like his wife with their own threads here, might be worth adding links in the OP to their threads as "cow crossovers."

    *I know her thread is already linked in the OP, I'm saying to have a separate section on the bottom if needed.
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  8. A whole post about Egoraptor and not a single mention of his VCL page? :lol:

    We claimed Arin back at the turn of the millennium, but you can have him if you want because he's a twat.
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    Super Collie

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  9. I still think Metal Gear Awesome is pretty funny..but I'm a fan of most things Metal Gear.
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    Samuel Belmont

    Samuel Belmont It's like one of my Japanese animes.

  10. No thread about Arin is complete without the infamous thumb face:

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  11. A Game Grumps fandom thread would be the length of The Stand. I found SO MUCH #PolyGrumps shit on tumblr while researching for this thread, and I thought adult content was permabanned now? It's really creepy they write fan fics and draw art of Arin, a married man, fucking his co-worker.
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    #12 2odastream, Jan 13, 2019
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  12. It's a real shame to see how far the show has declined since it started, I used to genuinely enjoy it. The decline became most obvious around 2015 when Arin's humour devolved into the same jokes about dicks without Jon as his wrangler/quality control. From this point a lot of the original fanbase stopped watching and the majority of the consistent viewers became the SJW/tumblr types who seem to find comfort in mediocrity and repetition.

    r/rantgrumps has also increased in popularity since its creation mostly due to the stale humour and events discussed by OP, especially Suzy and her etsy scandal, although this sub is just as dumb and autistic as the current show and fanbase.
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    pomme You disappoint me, desu

  13. First off very nice thread OP.
    Good god I'm glad I was never able to get into their videos. I am somewhat familiar with his co-hosts band NSP, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. While I'm unsurprised that he is a lolcow, I am surprised this is the first thread on him.
    I was able to beat that game when I was in 9. He really doesn't have an excuse to be that bad.

    Also that picture of him eating out is wife confuses me, simply because I can't tell how's the picture being taken. Either some one is holding it for them, meaning he is likely a cuck, or they set up a camera, meaning it's likely a frame from a video.
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  14. Does anyone have the picture of his Skylanders collection?
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    Guts I like that!

  15. Not trying to defend Arin or Gamegrumps or whatever. But i never got the general creation of so called "anti-fandoms" where people constantly bitch how much they hate something. Like, it's okay if you don't like certain things, but are you this autistic to dislike so intensely for no reason, other then the fact that people can pat you on the back, saying how much they also hate it?

    It's like a backward hugbox.

    Ask and you shall receive

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    #16 Autistsforuganda, Jan 13, 2019
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2019
  16. It's more of a hatewatching sub for people who are fans. Granted they take it way too far, still good for cataloguing drama tbh as they moan about fucking everything so you can just search for any controversy.
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    2odastream r/Drama queen

  17. It must be noted that r/rantgrumps only exists because any discussion of the grumps and the events surrounding them (which happens to be a lot of the stuff in the OP) on the main sub would result in you getting banned. imo the sub is fairly similar to any lolcow board on this site, just with more rage
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    pomme You disappoint me, desu

  18. I think he should have just stuck to animating. Instead he took the easy route and just makes meh videos. He's not funny at all but thankfully Danny is there to make him sound more interesting.
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  19. The rabbit hole behind this exceptional individual went way deeper than I expected.
    All I knew was that
    • he's fucking terrible at 3D games, despite seeming knowledgable when it comes to 2D games, via his Sequelitis videos (wasn't there some stream of a Zelda game which was the first major exposure to how ignorant he was?) EDIT: Nevermind, this is mentioned in the OP
    • he got defensive over that thundercats reboot a while back via twitter, supposedly because a friend of his was involved with the project
    • his twitter has a lot of dumb takes, one of which I noticed being mocked. It was a response of his to people complaining about an anime getting a live action adaption. Something about "new material good, leads to more discovery of the source material, more discussion" - I think it was about Cowboy Bebop, and people pointed out all the different ways he was wrong (i.e. a bad adaption can give a bad impression of the source material, discourse over the series can get worse, there was literally a remaster that recently came out, etc.)
    Another dumb twitter take that I'm getting fuzzy on, was him taking banter between two people (can't remember who) too seriously, exposing that he, in fact, cannot handle banter.

    Anyways, it's a shame to see him here, I used to like him long ago. Out of nowhere, I remember a friend of mine posted the Awesome Reach flash way back when it came out, and since then, I was hooked. Then, Game Grumps ended up being a mistake, imo. I kinda liked it when JonTron was there, but after his exit, I stopped caring about GG, and stopped following Egoraptor.
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    #20 Lucas Silva #4903141, Jan 13, 2019
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