Arizona teen stabbed to death at convenience store, allegedly for playing rap music -

Slappy McGherkin

Let me introduce you to coulrophobia.
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hope the dude gets the death penalty, do they have that in arizona
Yup. They get the needle here. They fucked up the cocktail on one dude and he took hours to die. Libs reeeeeed about it and wanted to do away with the death penalty. Sad truth is, even if you get the death penalty, it's 20 years or more until the scumbag exhausts all their legal appeals and such and finally gets the needle. So, it often ends up being a life sentence with the threat of them someday being put to death.

Yop Yop

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Every single time a white kills a black its a hate crime. Every single time a black kills a white its covered up and deemed not newsworthy. Even if its the most heinous obviously racially motivated hate crime in the world. Just a reminder the interracial homicide rate is 80% black on white nearly but you never fucking hear about any of them. The narrative is always 100% "black people good", "white people bad" and nothing will deter modern news from aggressively pushing this agenda.
Prove it.
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not william stenchever

Pugio In Aversos
I just think this is a very tragic incident. I also think that playing music without headphones is inconsiderate and if I were a crazy person I might kill you for your insolence regardless of skin color. Holding these two positions, I go out of my way to not subject the general public to whatever I may be listening to.
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Leftists: the black/Muslim/trannie did nuffin wrong!

Kiwifarms: the white man did nuffin wrong!

Are you guys oblivious to the fact you apply the same logic to whites that leftists apply to minorities? It honestly makes me laugh seeing you guys act literally how leftists act.
This has been pointed out in this thread. It's not everyone, just seems that way sometimes...
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Sofonda Cox

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There is an old white cunt with a BIG Trump 2020 flag across the street from me. Half the week, this motherfucker plays ball games and godawful country music at an obnoxious level until well after dark.

I want him to die as soon as possible.

It should be legal to murder noisy people in public. Who gives a fuck what color they are, long as they bleed out. We can feed them to the needy polite.

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