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Ars Technica has posted an article about Jan. It's about as shitty as you'd expect. Some choice quotes include

"Buzzfeed's article combed through and posted examples of Rankowski's many online videos over the years; his brand of "humor" could be described as acerbic at best—and, quite frankly, low-rent Tom Green at worst."

"Beyond her ability to match prior police reports to a known identity, Wu—and other targets of online commentary and harassment—could also have the Supreme Court on her side by the end of its current term."

And From the genius comments

"It wasnt a joke untill The #gamerscum supporter got busted."

"He could dish it out but he couldn't take it so now it's a joke?

"I never really followed the GamerGate thing, just the stories I saw on Ars, so I did a little looking into what this guy has posted and said.
Having done so, I'm just gonna say that I can't really think of anything that may befall him online on in a court of law that could possibly make me even consider sympathizing with him. He is an absolutely complete and total jackass."

It's like they didn't read anything about the story aside from this bullshit article. Who would have guessed :lol:

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Maybe they mean Ginsburg would get drunk and fall asleep during Wu running his mouth, too.
Honestly, for anyone over 30, you pretty much have to have a few drinks before you can handle Wu. That or be stark raving mad. I would not blame RBG for requiring some fine California wine to get through that oral argument.
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This is what happens when a "reporter" writes an entire article based completely off an article written by another reporter. Who the fuck writes two pages and passes it off as "news" without a single primary source?
Gosh, if some no-goodnik from the onlines discovered this common tendency in modern media I bet he or she could exploit it for some interesting media prank.

I wonder how they would react to the ED articles for people like zoey quinn and srhbutts. I mean they seem to take it as a legit news source
ED does have an article about Brianna... Does that mean they acknowledge she was once John Flynt?
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These idiots are actually taking seriously reports of "harassment" like throwing pebbles at his window. A magic yearbook photo that somehow got found and sent through the U.S. Mail in less than 36 hours.



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How are these articles getting worse over time? We are witnessing a great example of pack journalism blogging in action.

That bit about the supreme court makes me *sigh*

One word. Bloggers.

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