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That doll is way too cute to accurately represent our GORGE-ous girl. Also here's my representation of her true form in case you didn't want to plan on sleeping (sorry I only have paint):

even doomguy is afraid.png

I tried to make the pendant look like a stomach and same with the blush. Also I had to use pictures of actual rotting skin as refrence.


Gosh, I hope I’m safe it this suit!
I got tired of my avatar so i decided to redraw it, but it got bigger.
Work in progress, amber as peach and becky as mario.

(my personal achivment - i've never draw so many chins on one art before)

EDIT: I can't understant, whats becky's eye color is? send help(

Edit_2: Goodnight, kiwis, i just hope i'll finish it in a few days
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