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Amber lays deep in the trenches of pillow mountain, sleeping blissfully for the five minutes that the sleep apnea lets her.


A sound startles her awake. "What's this ? The crinkling of a bag of potato-chips? Could it be Twenke Stor, famished and begging for scraps again? Perhaps Becky - is she trying to drink up my tub of frosting, now that the Binge Monster has swallowed her dinner whole once more? I must remain vigilant."


Ah, no. She listens closely. It is the familiar sound of her last few ride-or-die supporters dropping off of the bandwagon, preferring death over ignorance now that they've seen the light.

"Baybe! Fetch my my glitter pens and stickers! I must make haste, and journal at once! The new viewers will be here soon, attracted by the commotion. I must make the greatest of impressions!"


And so the tale continues. Will the shack ever been freed from the beast's clutches? Only in death they may find peace. Until then, they wait for the final, prophesied batch of vegan nugget that will close up her gaping throat, and end their suffering.
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