Artberlynn: A gallery for art and such inspired by our favorite gorl. -

Super Colon Blow

Does she have big thingies?
For anyone curious what amber would like as a normal fat or “regular” weight since it’s brought up so often. I cross referenced photos of her when she was young with what bone structure she had during the Krystle era, then matched it to her parents and brother the best I could.

I declare, that girl has chinballalitis! Paging Dr. Cartman!

Have you guys heard about ALR's new makeup palette?!!!

I made this tonight, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it or who to send it to... so I'm sending it everywhere. Hopefully someone get's a kick out of it.
I also attached it as a wallpaper. Not sure why, but it'd be nice to see it pop up in the background of a reaction channel sometime.




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