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have you taken your b12?
ill do the weekend at bernies next lol
for now, i have a godfather inspired dvd cover
enjoi ❤



have you taken your b12?
You are a creative genius!!!!! Now we need to see her in Weekend at Becky’s where they are both propped up fat grey dead corpses. Totally raw as fuck you guiiiiise!!!! A corpse situation type thing point blank period, don’t forget the flavored candles y’all!

hot off the press
i took the liberty to kinda make it my own
edit* wanted to add I also recycled a photo of Becky bc its my favorite one
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have you taken your b12?
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I've added @fvckm3 's effigy to a candle just as Our Gorl, Saint Hamber, would want

I lit it and said a prayer for all you ladies dainty holes, may you stay safe

unfortunately the style of prayer candles slimmed her down a bit but her fat arm is still breaking reality so it works out

The Virgen de Cheesecake factory fucked me up

gold star


Beetus Knuckles

Scopely has one hell of a business model!
One of you artistic (and possibly autistic) kiwis need to mashup Pointerlynn and Boogie holding the gun. Just saying. Pretty please!