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Okay, last one. I'm done, I swear.

AllsWell, you made Amber look slimmer and better than she actually does! Beautiful drawing though, it really is an existentialism crisis, falling so close yet so far from Wommart.
Everyone keeps telling me that I made her too thin. But I found it so hard to make her any kind of shape and have some sort of detail. I didn't want her literally looking like a blob. It was very hard.

silky layer

professionally good looking
Holy shit, I now really want a vlog of ALR visiting various medieval towns. Imagine a 600 pound woman navigating the streets of random Tuscan villages? In Siena unless its a major "road" the streets are big enough for one old fiat and a single human pressed against the wall, and those Italian fucks go flying by.

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ALR if you are reading this, I would even turn off adblocker to watch!
Drone footage of our gorl getting some much needed R&R:

RollerLynn Reia.gif

I hope this gif attaches properly lmao


I have a complicated relationship with Mondays
In honor of Hamber and Necky's engagement, I offer you this simple sketch:
Her dress is made of the finest bleached plastic tarp, her earrings are yet another new cheap tacky pair, her bouquet is fake, and her poop bun is decorated with the same fake flowers.


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