Dramacow Arthur Racian Chu / arthur_affect - Domestic abuser. Twitter'd himself to divorce. Chairman Mao's special-needs grandbastard.

Why did Chairman Chu's wife flee the coop?

  • Ashley Madison.

    Votes: 73 14.1%
  • Tiny, yellow, unsatisfying in bed.

    Votes: 282 54.7%
  • Chu knew a rapist. Did nothing.

    Votes: 68 13.2%
  • Her child's safety.

    Votes: 103 20.0%
  • #Gamergate

    Votes: 102 19.8%
  • #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    Votes: 71 13.8%
  • #Listen &/or Believe

    Votes: 24 4.7%

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Coach Kreeton Of All That

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Given how much trouble Arthur has getting his feet into sneakers, I don't think it'd be wise of him to start wearing pumps.
He'll probably enjoy it to get himself into foot-binding to feel more oppressed.

Foot-binding is an ass backwards, barbaric, gross, and savage practice that doesn't do shit but creates foot and health problems.

Doctor Placebo

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Be hard to get a grip on Chu though. So much grease. Plus close quarters would be trying - all that smell of piss.
Benny boy just needs to go for punches and kicks, not grappling. That's clearly the correct Chu beatdown strategy. Since opponents will instinctively try and keep a distance due to body odor, it should come naturally.

Doctor Placebo

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Anybody else think that if Chu actually nutted up and followed through that Shapiro would immediately cry antisemitism?
Probably. For someone who constantly tells other people to buck up and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, Shapiro is incredibly whiny. That's why I have far more respect for blokes like Gavin McInnes. There's a mad lad who will take a punch or a bottle of piss to the face and just laugh. I still think Shapiro has a clear physical advantage over Chu though, and if forced to defend himself, would have Chu on the ground crying in short order.

Doctor Placebo

Soleimani's back. Tell a friend.
Anyone want to tell Chu about Ernst Rohm and his Sturmabteilung butt buddies? Because they were kind of an open secret in the early days of the Nazi Party. Sure, they eventually were purged in the Night of Long Knives (which was actually on the demands of the army, who wanted the violent street thugs curbed, and the industrialists who didn't like how nearly communist Rohm's economic beliefs were, and because Rohm was becoming a threat to Hitler's authority over the party, not because of teh gay), but that they were allowed to become such major important players in the vital, formative years of the Nazis shows that maaaybe hatred of the gay was not the core, top priority value of the Nazi Party idpol leftists like Chu make it out to be.

Heck, French fascist and Nazi collaborator Robert Brasillach was also a known homosexual, which the French used against him when they tried and executed him. It was prevalent enough that under Stalinism, homosexuality and fascism were considered to be correlated traits.

Chu is blowing smoke out his ass. Wasn't this guy a jeopardy winner? I guess an actual in depth knowledge of history isn't a requirement for that.

The Littlest Shitlord

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Excuse me?
It's the mark of the true fanatic and authoritarian. Everything they don't like is all the same thing and this thing is the worst thing ever. So if you do anything at all that they don't like you are automatically guilty of every bad thing and must be destroyed. For a fundamentalist Christian, it would be Satan. For Chu, it's Nazis. It's exactly what you would expect from the sort of brainwashed dipshit who practices "mindkill".