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Thanks everyone for their work. I've been really busy this month. Checked the last edit logs to see if anyone's been doing stuff, fully expecting zero edits, and to my surprise a lot of good has been done.

I took it upon myself to update the DeagleNation.TV placeholder that had been made. I also borrowed the Template:Infobox/website for the purpose.


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Alright, so I rediscovered the Wiki and I'm now completing the Tiberius Rising documentation that I started on a long time ago (I'm gonna finish it this time i promise). (this one's pitifully small, any way i could lengthen this?)

I've improved the first chapter's page a bit and churned out articles for three chapters so far today. Anything I should change about the page structure, or maybe the intro paragraphs? I remember a while ago Null said I should put in a Synopsis for a quick summary of each chapter so I did that. I was thinking about making a little box at the top where you could flip through the first, previous, next, and last chapter articles of the book.
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