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First and foremost, read the rules. They are posted at the top of the board.

Regarding OP creation

When creating an OP, check to make sure a thread doesn't already exist on the story. Do not post old news. Posting fake news will get you an A&H ban. Duplicate threads will be merged.

Give the link to your source in the OP. Be sure to also paste the article in quotes. If you include images or videos, embed then if possible. This makes the OP more readable.

The same prefix system given by @Yaks remains in place for now but I am open to suggestions for change:


This subforum is primarily dedicated to news stories and discussion. OPs derived solely from blogs, Twitter feeds, etc., will be deleted, merged with the fluff pieces/clickbait/blog thread, or moved to another subforum as appropriate. Use the original source, not a blog or other site reposting the article or commenting on it. Only post articles written in English. Do not post articles about people who have a content thread already, doing so will get you an A&H ban. Do not post articles older than a month.

Title creation

When creating a title, do not editorialize your titles. Make sure they are accurate. If in doubt, use the original article title. Keep a consistent capitalization scheme.

Regarding thread replies

Add to the discussion. This is the most ignored rule of this subforum. Your opinion, facts, additional articles from other sources, jokes, shitposts, etc, all fine. However, one word posts and non-contributing garbo (eg. "lol <insert group here>") will be deleted. This is not /pol/.

Not everyone is going to agree. That's normal and it's ok. If you can't deal with dissenting opinions you're going to have a hard time.

Do not sperg out on other users or start autistic slapfights because you don't agree with them. Do not pretend to sperg out. It isn't so cute or funny as you think, but instead comes across as autistic. A-logging or posts that encourage a-logging (eg. talking about how you want to kill or suggesting killing the author or subject of an article) will be deleted. Multiple instances of these will receive warning points.

And always remember... you are not @Dynastia.
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