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This paper contains all the reasons you're a fag
There was a study done that I'm too lazy to look for right now where it compared attractive women to those not as attractive. It found that attractive women have less sex in general while the uggos and the fatties have more sexual partners. The takeaway was that unattractive women use sex to obtain friends/mates while the good looking women don't have to go fishing as much. The logical extension from that is that when you fuck a lot of dudes, you run the risk of encountering those who only value you for your willingness to fuck.

TL;DR - It is no surprise women that look like Anna Kreider have a low opinion of men.

I remember some time back when I was in highschool one of the ugliest redneck girls I have seen had sex with almost 25 dudes by the time she was almost 16, while the prettiest ones usually stayed tied down to one guy at a time

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Part one of Anna's review on the Curse of Stradhd and it is "amusing".

-First of all, the game is racist because the Vistanni are based off of Gypsies/Roma and are not portrayed in the best light.

-There's a race of creatures called Mongrelfolk (think the creatures from the Island of Doctor Moreau) and they're an attack on mixing of the races. First of all, because there's the word, mongrel, in their name which was a slur against mixed race people at one time. These are wretched creatures who are mentally and intellectually twisted (as in that's saying that mixed-race people are damaged) and their unions with people pretty much always produce Mongrelfolk (tainted racial lineage).

-She's also one of those SJWs who hates it when people portray mental illness as something dangerous and/or bad (which makes the game ablist). And she will next be covering how it's abilist, sexist and trying to be "edgy".

I was curious if she enjoyed the Ravenloft setting itself and asked her. Who wants to bet she, at best, has some basic knowledge and might know a bit about who Strahd and maybe Azalin are?

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As much as I hate to admit it, she does make some decent points about fake edginess and her suggestions on fixing certain parts isn't totally insane. But people like her are predictable and even if the aspects she hates were taken out, she'd still find something to complain about. Though it would be more minor like not enough female characters or a lack of pictures of them.

The woman does fascinate me (and at times infuriates me). And she didn't answer my question if she liked or was familiar with the Ravenloft series. Then again, given the last time we communicated, it wasn't too pretty.
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Ironically referancing Anita highlights my main academic critique. Her analysis' are incredibly shallow since they rely on box ticks from a list of common abritrary criteria in a niche sociological models rather than an contextual assesment much Like Anita does. Her work comes across as pedantic and asinine because she focuses on stuff which is sometimes shows up sexist or bigoted art in non-sexist works or issues so tangential as to be irrelivant. Also her writting comes across as really really bitter when she's trying to be light hearted.
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My avatar is problematic.
Also her writting comes across as really really bitter when she's trying to be light hearted.
That's my biggest problem with her; it's just her attitude. While I feel sorry for her getting raped and bullied, there's a lot about her that isn't pleasant.

I'm morbidly curious how she'd handle the rest of the Ravenloft series, especially a certain homosexual Darklord (Hazlik).

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Was watching liana K's videos earlier and I couldnt help but compare her to kreider. Both are nerds and Femminists both want change in geek culture. But watching Liana provides a real insight into how much of it might be Anna's attitude and personality.

You'll notice how she actually likes geek culture and is affable and reasonable vs kreider who threw a bitch fit when someone critqued her art and made a game where all you do is torment males.

Here's an article comparing Kreiders patriarchy game vs another game which took into account that it's a game rather than propaghanda.

found this on go make me sandwhich

Apparantly people she hates are less than human and are in fact, savage animals.
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In today's article, I admit that Anna brings out a lot of mixed feelings in me. On one hand, I can respect her accomplishments, can empathize since I also have anxiety and moments of depression and feel sorry that she got abused. On the other, I see someone who can get very hateful, isn't very likable, doesn't like to listen to criticism and can hardly see the good in things to the point that even seeing an illustration without an equal or female-dominated amount of people sets her off.

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Agreed her horrible emotional problems which I really synpethize with don't really justify anything she says or does, it's pretty telling she's personally upset people disagree with her and her relentless self-pity is really grating. Also it's pretty instructive that she compares herself to Anita, Wu and Quinn. A hack and two losers respectivly.
MY WHOLE GODDAMN LIFE I’ve been told that I was “too much”. Too loud. Too opinionated. Too brash. Too arrogant. Too abrasive. Too bossy. My whole life, people have been trying to shove me into a box that I just don’t fit in, no matter how hard I try – the box of proper womanhood. This blog was my place where I could be ME. Unapologetically. Loudly. Defiantly! And walking away from that feels like walking away from part of myself.

Just putting it out there but if everyone is calling you an asshole your whole life maybe it's just you. Because guys who have those traits are really annoying as well.

EDIT-I wonder if she's ever tried dialogue with people she disagrees with? I'm guessing no.
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I was feeling a bit bored so I decided to see what Anna was up to on her Twitter and came across some gems...
If you're a woman, you never get to be angry about anything, because anger is even more dangerous online than in person. All it takes is the wrong man seeing you being angry online to ruin your goddamn life. Context doesn't matter. Shit, it's usually worse if you're expressing justifiable anger, because that's threatening and we can't have that. But then, what do I know. I'm just a crazy angry person who yells at the internet.
I'm genderqueer, but there are those who try to insinuate I'm some kind of a fake queer by calling me "cis presenting". Aside from the issue of NO ONE FUCKING MADE YOU THE GENDER POLICE, DOUCHENOZZLE, there are some particularly shitty traps that falls into. 1. Revamping your wardrobe after you have a gender revelation is EXPENSIVE. 'kay. Shifting gender presentation might take time, because $$$. 1b. Maybe they're spending that "new queer clothes" fund on rent. Or food. Or medical bills. Or kids. You don't fucking know. 4a. If me in a tshirt + hoodie reads as cisgender to you, that's YOUR problem for assuming I'm female because tits. 5. No one fucking agrees on what "cisgender" even looks like. I know butch lesbians who out-queer me fashion-wise but ID cisgender. 5a. I know nonbinary/agender folks who look STRAIGHT-UP NORMCORE. TL;DR, gender presentation is too fucking complicated for arm-chair referees to have legit criticism.

Related: I find myself increasingly less interested in playing games in spaces dominated by cismen, because emotional landmines. Playing w non cisdudes, I feel safe speaking up if I have a problem. Spaces w majority cismen tho? No way. I always find myself managing the emotions of men around me and stomping on my own discomfort abt inevitable microaggressions. I'm tired of knowing my issues won't ever get dealt with. That even woke dudes can ignore my humanity and not realize it. Anyway. Dudes, you need to get better about managing your own emotions and admitting your own faults. Be self aware. Do your own work.

5. Don't get wrapped up in your white lady fragility. Don't start notallwhites-ing. Whiteness sucks, just like patriarchy sucks.

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She keeps talking about how she's constantly given shit for being angry and then is constantly angry but fobs the critique off as a gender thing. The thing is nobody really wants to hang out with a misrable prick who resents you for having a penus or your friends for having them. It's really sad she can't figure out that all her shit might be her baggage rather than the CIS men she keeps seething at nor how bad it is to be relentlessly pointlessly angry. I'm a bit of a hothead myself so seeing someone totally dominated by the emotion to the point they don't see it as a flaw is quite disconcerting.I suspect she must be absolutly exhausted whenever she isnt angry.


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Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to actually endure a gaming session with her? I almost made a joke about how she'd gripe about having to roll 2D20 because they represent male testicle dominance or something, and how it's grossly unfair that their are no vagina-shaped dice. But really, it wouldn't be a joke. She really would say something like that.

At any rate, if she hates whiteness so much, why does she elect to live in a community that is mostly white? Why hasn't she moved to Harlem?


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It found that attractive women have less sex in general while the uggos and the fatties have more sexual partners. The takeaway was that unattractive women use sex to obtain friends/mates while the good looking women don't have to go fishing as much

This fits my teenage experience.

Why hasn't she moved to Harlem?

Probably worried she would gentrify it.

Why do so many people who hate videogames want to work in that field?

they want to civilise it like missionaries in the jungle.

Are there any truly attractive misandrists?

As many as there are hot popular male Red Pillers.
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My avatar is problematic.
I was bored and I found out that she's re-opened her Pateron and is now using it to redo older articles from her site. I wonder what's going to happen when she runs out of articles to redo and it doesn't seem like enough for the $191 she's getting per article.
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