Lolcow Ashara Woodwalker - Old bat insane hippie

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Her powerword is Ashara Wood, or Ashara Woodwalker (what is this, Hippie Star Wars?). That's actually her real powerword; she changed it in 1998 to that. I haven't found her old powerword but I suspect her former surname used to be Lindsay because she refers to a daughter named Sharon who's a friend of hers on Facebook and is named Sharon Lindsay. She also has a son called Alex Lindsay. In 2009 she lived on Bratton Road in Westbury, Wiltshire and before that in Trowbridge. doesn't have a current address for her though.


Ashara Woodwalker is a superannuated she-hippie who supports Donald Trump because he's not as bad as Killary, sorry, Hillary Clinton, who she reckons is systematically murdering everyone who opposes her and when Killary wins the election she'll have The Donald assassinated too. She is a rampant anti-vaxxer, a huge woo pusher, and fluffy pagan (she once admitted to casting a spell of protection from trolls when called out on her bullshit.) She used to suffer from a very nasty throat cancer in 2004, which she had radiotherapy and chemotherapy for at the time, but she believes that it was actually the power of angels that she called on for protection off that did the trick.

That, and cannabis oil. Apparently she went to her GP because she worried she had skin cancer and a referral was made to a dermatologist to cut it off (this is normal practice for skin cancer caught early, at least if Dr Sandra Lee is to be believed). She stuck a pad full of cannabis oil onto it and it magically fell off when the dermatologist peeled it off. Ergo weed cures cancer.

Aged 69 you'd have thought she was old enough to know better, but there you go.

In 2014 she had an autistic slapfight with a fellow conspiracow, "commonly known as Dom" or Dominic Lohan to use his real powerword. I can't for the life of me find her postings on this, but in 2012 she was one of Dom's asspatters ( Dom averred that chemtrails and Reiki doesn't real, as a result of which Ashara lost her shit and reportedly started bad-mouthing Dom to the rest of their shared circlejerk and claiming he was actually just a shill for THEM.

Dom made a video on it here:

Since her epiphany that weed cures cancer (because someone posted about it on Facebook so it must be true) she's now convinced that Big Pharma is trying to push for weed to be wiped out because they can't patent it (failing of course to realise that many molecules derived from plants have already been patented, including several that she probably had stuck into her veins during her cancer treatment in the form of vincristine etc.)

Oh, and she also reckons that the invasions of Iraq were to steal lost technology like in Indiana Jones and all that. Or so she posted on Facebook.

Annoyingly, she seems to have sanitised her Facebook of her various chimpouts, including the "protection from trolls" one. Luckily, though, I capped a few of them at the time. There was a really epic one in February about colloidal silver which is still there though; someone tells her that collodial silver is woo, she loses her shit, accuses them of being arrogant, then gets all her asspatters involved. Attached are my caps of some choice content of hers; she literally spends all day on Facebook and is always sharing hippie-dippie "one love" nonsense or conspiratarded maymays. Unfortunately this has the side effect of flushing the juicy content miles down the page and Facebook doesn't have the ability to jump to a month on someone's timeline, only a given year...

Oh yes. One final hilarity. She hates all chemicals, yet admits (somewhere on her Facebook page) to dropping LSD.

Being a Facebook addict there's always fresh hilarity to see what nonsense she'll come out with next.

Some of them are right doozies...

Like the painting which features a fifty foot woman firing a glowing lightning egg out her vagina at the Illuminati:


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Deary me. Here's some more info on the Ashara / Dom slapfight.

Basically Dom (also a lolcow, and of the Freeman on the Land variety, though who's quieted down recently because he seems to have realised how full of shit he was) posted something saying that Reiki was all nonsense. She took umbrage and lost her shit at him. There was some ding-dong back and forth upon where they both DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING. Apart from that video in the OP and this facebook post from the time:

Ashara vs Dom 1.png

I like the whole passive-aggressive "love your enemies" thing she's got going on.

Ginger Piglet

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Bumpity bump! Ashara's kind of one of my personal lolcows so here's some excellent anti-vaxx autism from here where she is convinced that vaccines contain aborted foetuses and then reeeeeeee's and unfriends someone who calls her out on talking bollox. Unfortunately she'd DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING (and then blamed Facebook) by the time I spotted this...

AW is there a foetus in that syringe.png

Next up, some bonus "all medicine is wrong" woo because she claims that she was spiritually healed by angels from cancer rather than getting lucky with her science-based (i.e. that works) treatment:

AW cancer isn't a thing.png
AW cancer reeeing 2.png

And finally, some bonus fluoride reeeeeeing. I dread to think what her biters are like if she doesn't brush her teeth because CHEMIKILLS. I bet her breath smells like the decaying vagina of a syphilis-riddled dehiscent mule.

AW enjoy cavities.png

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