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Oct 16, 2020
Meet Asher Heimermann, the "Shame of Sheboygan"


Asher Heimermann of Sheboygan, Wisconsin is a provocative photojournalist and wannabe cop (and previously an EMT and firefighter) who dresses like a cop and argues in threads and articles about him. Asher is an Ambulance Chaser because he believes horrifying images of car accidents must be released because they are an important news scoop. A political grifter and scammer, his most known political involvement was trolling the Drunkest Mayor in America Mayor Bob Ryan on Twitter. He has become infamous throughout Wisconsin for posting pictures of victims of motor accidents receiving CPR without permission or protection of the victim's identity. This has caused families to ask him to remove the photos with the only response received being a block on Facebook. He runs a website where he posts his pictures and a few blogs where he posts his reporting. He is also infamous for outright lying on his blogs to make a situation sound worse.
Asher next to a Law Enforcement Training vehicle, because he isn't good enough to get into one.

He routinely DFEs on multiple accounts so its important to remember to archive his content.
A note on his Twitter: His Twitter has been set to private and unfortunately a certain OP decided not to archive a single thing. He has been known to unprotect his account so it may open back up again. Due to how quick Asher is to defend himself he may join the thread. He likes to spend a lot of his time fighting with people over the legalities and importance of what he is doing.

Asher's internet career started at the age of 12 as a wannabe politician and political scam artist. He then got attention for trolling the Drunkest Mayor in America Bob Ryan with a parody twitter account that he refused to take down. After these antics he turned to ambulance chasing and being a general nuisance to stay relevant. He is still active online, and has even spread to other states.
Some people might see his activities as a civilian making sure the EMTs and police do their jobs correctly, but he doesn't really do this. He is not a patriot standing up for our rights. He is instead looking to cause drama and put himself at the center of very sensitive situations.

The Bob Ryan Arc

In the year 2011, 18 year old Asher ran for mayor while trolling the drunken Mayor Bob Ryan: America's Drunkest Mayor
[Here's a 2012 article explaining Bob the drunk mayor (archive)]
Bob Ryan was the notoriously alcoholic mayor of Sheboygan who was famous for his public intoxication, disorderly conduct, harassment of bartenders and servers, and constantly getting in fights. During his 2011 campaign for re-election Asher ran against Bob Ryan for mayor and constantly pestered the alcoholic on Twitter to get a rise out of him.


Asher is supposedly a Democrat but has some beliefs that are more typical of a Republican. His current party of choice is unknown but in this blog from the past he espouses a strong dislike for Republicans.
Asher's KOS blog (archive)
Some of you should read my blog over at Daily Kos as to why I will never vote for a republican before you judge and ban me again.
This isn't unusual for Wisconsin since it has a rich hunting/fishing/gun history so the lines between Dems and Reps can be kinda blurred. Asher constantly sports Thin Blue Line clothing and symbolism all the time, because he LOVES being mistaken as a cop. He has literally just walked onto crime scenes and people let him/ ignore him because he looks official.

Facebook Watch Group

Asher has his own fan page: Sheboygan Against Asher
Our town has its own "Dennis The Menace" his name is Asher Heimermann. This page is for Sheboygan County who knows how cruel this person can be.
Many public posts highlighting some of his antics and pictures of him in all sorts of law enforcement looking garb.
There is a really infamous set of pictures of him on crime or accident scenes in cop gear but of course its not real.
The page appears to be publicly inactive for awhile but there might be more there if you join the group.

Various Articles
May 2008,- Who Is Asher Heimermann? (archive)
An article about 14yo Asher raised 3k for Obama campaign, but there's other articles floating around saying he never donated the money.

Dec 2011- Asher Heimermann, 18-Year-Old, Refuses To Take Down Twitter Profile Poking Fun At Mayor (archive)
Highlights: Just a Huffpo article on young Asher running for Mayor and detailing his trolling of Drunkest Mayor in America Mayor Bob Ryan, and how he won't take down his Drunken Bob Ryan parody twitter account, even under some kind of threat.

Dec 2011-Asher Heimermann, 18-Year-Old, Refuses To Take Down Twitter Profile Poking Fun At Mayor (archive)
Highlights: An article Asher wrote about himself and his antics in trolling Mayor Bob.

June 2012- Asher Heimermann: passionate activist or political scam artist? (archive)
Reached for comment about his confusing ActBlue page, Heimermann indicated “Wisconsin for Tom Barrett” was a project of AsherPAC and that the money raised through that page was used on “Targeted Facebook Ads.” Heimermann did not provide any actual verification of his statement that the money raised through his confusing “Wisconsin for Tom Barrett” ActBlue page was used on Facebook ads, so it’s unclear exactly how the money Heimermann raised was spent. According to the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) AsherPAC has not yet filed any documentation relating to the organization of the PAC or the money it’s raised, and the “official” AsherPAC Twitter feed has been taken down, leaving me with more questions than answers when it comes to AsherPAC.

August 2012- Asher Heimermann: passionate activist or political grifter? (archive)
Highlights: After his failed run for mayor, he then ran for Assembly, then quit without giving a reason and kept the money, started a PAC ("AsherPAC") and also may have claimed to raise money for various politicians just to keep the money.

Sept 2013- Will the Real Asher Heimermann Please Stand up? (archive)

Highlights: Written by a user on the Democratic Underground this article highlights Asher's antics and actually goes into a little detail about some of the potentially illegal actions in his political schemes.
When enough suckers have donated to "supportasher" or one of his other 30+ donation sites [that go directly to his paypal account btw], he conveniently drops out of the campaign althogether due to some fabricated emergency or obligation. In the case of the mayoral race, clever Asher actually missed the mayoral debate-calling in at the last minute as one would do if they want to skip school [transcripts available online]. Upon reviewing the documents submitted by Asher to account for the funds he collected, one sees [multiple times over] his cell phone paid for, purchases of a brand new ipad, new high end digital cameras, multiple fast food restaurants and [the kicker] 200.00 to himself for 'consulting fees'- How does one consult themself? In addition to this trumped up list of "expenses" Asher often "rolls over" hundreds of dollars in campaign funds into his next political campaign. One interesting interview upon his withdrawl for the assembly seat he had been running for-Asher stated in an interview that he had an "outstanding political contract in Illinois and had to honor that contract prior to holding an 'office' in the state of Wisconsin"-needless to say, this so-called outstanding contract never existed.
Unfortunately none of these allegations are backed up but its safe to say that Asher's political stunts were shady at best and out right illegal at worst.

Dec 2015- The real truth about Asher Heimermann (archive)

Highlights: Raised money for Obama as a freshman in '08, Asher's just a fundraiser for dead troopers and it's first amendment to take photos of dead/dying people being resuscitated by emergency response workers. Asher wrote this about himself in third person.

Asher photographs motor vehicle accidents, fire scenes, crime scenes, police cars, fire trucks, public safety events and training for Incident Response. As a member of the media, Asher photographs incidents from public sidewalks and roads without interfering with the operations of first responders. Asher has a good working relationship with area fire and police departments. Asher does not remove pictures taken in public of first responders for any reason whatsoever and does not demand or request money for the removal of such content. Television stations and newspaper do the same exact thing Asher does, cover the news -- photographing and filming incident scenes.
What Asher does is completely legal and Asher is not the only photograph in the State of Wisconsin or in the United States who photographs incidents as they unfold. There is OnScene, LOUDLABS, CapturedNews, countless fire photographers and television stations and newspapers. Beyond photographing incidents, Asher photographs fire departments' drills, school programs, promotions and events because he supports what firefighters, paramedics, first responders and law enforcement officers do


Sheboygan police plan to encrypt radio traffic (archive)​

Opponents to the encryption say it will reduce police transparency and could impact how quickly the public is alerted to emergency situations. Asher Heimermann, whose Incident Response photography business relies heavily on open police scanner activity, said encrypting radio traffic will reduce officer accountability. "This move ultimately hurts public safety in the City of Sheboygan," he said. "The public has and will question the city and its officers why they are hiding from the public." "The scanner is one of the main channels to hear about news as it unfolds," Heimermann continued. "The police radio is also a way to learn about our city and our law enforcement. When the city encrypts their radio transmissions, accountability and transparency is lost."
Asher did not like that the police wanted to make the transmissions private. He wouldn't be able to follow around ambulances if they did.

Feb 2018 - Sheboygan Police Chief Blames "Irresponsible" Blog For School Shooting Scare

Sheboygan, Wis., police chief blames 'irresponsible' blog for school shooting scare (Archive)​

Story appeared to have started with a rumor that spread in the cafeteria of Sheboygan South High School about a search for a student with a gun. When police officers wouldn't tell Asher exactly what was going on he assumed the worst and claimed there was a bomb threat at the school.
Police in Sheboygan, Wis., took the unusual step this week of blasting a website operator for fanning fears about a debunked shooting threat at a high school. An online post Tuesday night on that spread a rumor about the threat at Sheboygan South High School was “irresponsible and demonstrate(d) a complete lack of judgment and any sense of professional ethics or common sense,” Sheboygan Police Chief Chris Domagalski said in a statement posted Wednesday to the department’s website. "There was no credible threat” to the school, Domagalski wrote in a warning to the public about relying on potentially false news reports online.
Feb 2018
The Shame of Sheboygan (archive)
This article shows how Asher takes photos of crime scenes and immediately posts them online without permission or consent of the victims or their families. One woman attempted to get her relative's photos removed by politely asking him on Facebook only to get completely blocked by Asher. He believes those photos should be allowed to stay up for the sake of transparency.

The Charges
July 2018 - Asher was charged with Reckless driving and Endangering Safety but pleaded down to "impeding traffic by slow speed" and paid a fine of $175.

(**WiCCAP is the online misdemeanor and felony search, to check any Wisconsin misdemeanor or felony, go to . hit Circuit Courts, agree to their terms of service and then you can type in any first last name. Anything federal does not show up on there. )


Just doing a cursory search for Asher on the internet will result in quite a few Reddit posts. Here are a select few.

June 2020 - Reddit: Asher Heimermann the World's Shittiest Journalist (archive)
Just a post making fun of Asher.

Feb 2021 - Reddit: Asher Harasses Underage Girls Online (archive)
Apparently he might also be pestering teenage girls? Creep.

April 18 2021- Asher Heimermann, I know you're on this sub now. (archive)
r/Sheboygan kicked Asher off of the subreddit and due to his infamy he has collected a large amount of haters. Many people also believe Asher is still socking on the sub.


A petition (archive)
Some sort of petition for something. I'm honestly not too sure what its for as the description doesn't explain its purpose:
I support Asher Heimermann from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for his hard work of youth activism. Asher is fighting for Honest Government, Youth Rights, Education for All, and World Peace. I understand that Asher is trying to bring about change in the United States.
Closing thoughts
Asher seems like a terrible person. Exploiting a situation as a tragic as a traffic accident in an effort to look like a journalist is horrifying on its own, but also refusing to take down images the families of victims ask him to is just pure heartlessness. His desire to be in the spotlight has led to many people hating him and also to him becoming this very public figure in the Sheboygan area. A lot more work needs to be done, and its important to archive his content since he has been known to delete everything.

Twitter account
Official Website (archive)
Youtube (archive)
His Company's Website (Facebook)
LinkedIn (archive)
Incident Response's Website (archive)
Archive Website (used to archive his photos. You have to contact him to get permission to view them)
Reddit (archive) Likely his but only posted for the span of two months defending Incident Response's actions in third person.

And one Youtube video to give you an idea of what they're like:
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


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Aug 19, 2019
How did I not know about this drunken mayor guy, what an inspiration. Even an angry drunk idiot can become mayor, God bless America.
The drunkest mayor in Wisconsin says something! Wisconsin is the number 1 state for binge drinking. What’s considered an alcoholic in most places is totally normal in WI. If you needed any proof of how much they drink in Wisconsin, The Quartering didn’t get that way from just food.


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Aug 3, 2021
The drunkest mayor in Wisconsin says something! Wisconsin is the number 1 state for binge drinking. What’s considered an alcoholic in most places is totally normal in WI. If you needed any proof of how much they drink in Wisconsin, The Quartering didn’t get that way from just food.
He was such a drunk he got hit with sexual harassment, in which the woman got 2 mil or something and Sheboygan is still paying to it to this day. Then got into a bar fight a few years later, still an elected official. Yea where else could someone get charged for sexual harassment and still be a mayor other than Wisconsin. He's dead now.

Back on topic, as far as I know hes in the Milwaukee area now. His most notable facebook page was bought off him, because the only thing he likes more than his ego, is money.


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Apr 1, 2021
Chef's kiss!
Thank you kiwis (specifically root) for this thread, your hard work and dedication and lack of autism.

Asher's current Twitter Archive :

He met Jeremy Dewitt guys! Amazing how Asher's been compared to the Florida pedo but apparently did have a hard-on for him.


Maybe Asher could start a fundraiser for Dewitt. Asher has experience with those.

I bet he'll fit right in in Florida... But he's a known liar and says shit just to impress so who knows. It's prolly his grandma's condo.

Facebook Archive:
I archived his Facebook, it goes back until high school, lots of "Well I'm notorious and hated but you don't knaw me lol" and poor attempts at inspirational or thought provoking posts. my phonefagging isn't working well today and I have several screenshots and will edit this post when the net stops being fucky, and when I can find the fucking archive links. Some random denials of being a sociopath, thin blue line stuff, some cringe and breakup posts.

Pretty sure he will die a virgin

Spoiler for Facebook stuff


Cuz still being around to suck air is a huge accomplishment


Um Asher there ain't no black charities in Sheb.

Sperg who likes copcars,best part of officer funerals

Asher nobody likes you


Asher you are not smart and it has nothing to do with your ass.

"Your" excellent newstruck? Lol umust mean your grandma's car

Asher is the best newsperson, look at his hard work and attention to details

"I like to say that if you're seeing me, you're having the worst day of your life." Thank God you were there to film their loved ones dying on the side of the road!!!


"Some people" think you're a sociopath? What are those consequences Asher? Please come tell us.


Wow I've totes never heard that before

Uwu people make fun of me , such lowly gossips! And your meme ain't funny

Um, okay, I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say


good jerb

Asher stop lying you've never had a girlfriend. Rosie palm doesn't count

Asher I award you Autism , please tell us more about your puzzle pieces

Hard-on for Vin Diesel huh? Somewhere u could find a similar looking man to top you. I recommend Grindr. It's where all the talented newspeople go.


Did u mean to say "Flamer?" I mean u got 1 like, is this the autistic courting dance these days?

I guess no surgery so I'm assuming they didn't punch u in the face hard enuf.

His haterz halal his "newspage" lol.

Yeah those scarey gangs of 12yo girlz is a huge problem in Sheboygan. Good thing you're spending all summer with cops to protect you


Don't worry we know and we judge

Maybe just not be fat, I hear that makes blood pressure high.
Nice pedo selfies Asher

Yeah in a tiny Town in Wisconsin

Cuz u totally know what that's like Asher!

Some (defunct?) Blog, I just don't get why he still has these tests posts on his FB,but his website is a joke so I'm not surprised:



Some politics stuff:

I guess he's Republican since 2015


Asher is a (current) Trumper confirmed, he has some stuff on his Insta as well that I'm working on archiving . He donated last Oct 2020 to Trump $250


Random older things, for archival purposes:

Asher's news publication plagiarized word for word the high school newspaper's reporting on something local in 2016. It was a good example for the local high school English classes, who did in fact use it in their classes as a great example of how Not to get away with plagiarism.




I apologize for all the edits, computerfagging is difficult today


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Apr 1, 2021
Some archives of his social media that I grabbed a while back when he had them up and kinda forgot about. His twitter is protected again, or at least today it is. As well as his facebook being private, Again. Get em while they're hot i guess

his official website was archived 9 years ago so here's a new one of his website, which is basic bitch with like 2 posts, so why even have it?


He's got this Connect thing that seems to be new

Fire Scenes of Asher Heimermann
Asher has a history of taking video/pics of burning buildings and posting live to his social media, before even the family is notified of their house or loved ones status. Now there's an archive.

STill has a boner for Jeremy Dewitte and used his photog skillz to write a bio of Jeremy's company and take pics of his wanabe cop cruisers

Asher writes for Medium, here's his lone post there on what he thinks of the movie Cruella. Being that his incident response page could really use a proofreader for some grammar in the least (i saw more than one sentence that ended in a prepositional phrase, that's a no-no on professional websites, this is third grade english basics smh). So yea nothing really inciteful or well written.

Asher wrote a reddit post of Mayor Ryan Sorenson, but it got taken down. Anyone help me find the archive of it? I'm not a redditor.
Some milk in the comments, like how Asher was butthurt over being Booed at his high school graduation march , and asking if he's "Still getting bankrolled by his girlfriend."

Edited to add: DuckDuckGo is censoring KiwiFarms. I tried a standard "KiwiFarms Asher Heimermann" and it was several pages down. Fuckers.

(I'm trying to figure out how to edit my last posts now that I know thumbs are better than full images, and how to use spoilers, my apologies, am tech boomerfag)
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Oct 16, 2020
Odd that a literal dead thread bothers him so much. I rewrote it because some sped made a really aloggy one . It maybe gets one post every six months.

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Mar 23, 2020
Odd that a literal dead thread bothers him so much. I rewrote it because some sped made a really aloggy one . It maybe gets one post every six months.
Lmao I knew this day would come when he chimps out about the thread. Classic.