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Gross Ashleigh Shackelford / ashleighthelion / freefigurerevolution / freefigureorgObese racist, scams her followers for personal gain, shameless e-beggar, prostitute

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by TheGreatCitracett, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Isn't that just the Fat Census with a different name on it?
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    Ginger Piglet

    Ginger Piglet CAMAB Male-Presenting Lesbian
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  2. It means, "GIBS ME DAT CASH, HONKY"
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

  3. The original survey asked shit about queers, domestic violence and sexual assault also, so this just took out the fat label. Ashleigh, you fat-erasing shitlord.

    Also lol @ the idea of an online study of self-reporting respondents remotely resembling "evidence-based information."
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  4. evidence-based information self reported data
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    12 Inch Taint

    12 Inch Taint no, fuck you, dad

  5. In the world of “listen and believe” it does. I mean ultimately it’s just a total wank, because without actual evidence, the law won’t change. Evidence is sort of important in legal matters.

    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend