حلال Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter / @cantremembernothing / ButtercupSaiyan / watercolorheart / heartnotes3 / glowhips / celestialmew / MidnaPurity - Passive Aggressive, Attention Whoring, Fat 33 Year Old Furry Artist that LARPs as Nonbinary, Writes Incest Powerpuff Girls Fanfics, and Works with a Cub Loving Zoophile


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I was sexually active at 12, so...

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Ashley (or @cantremembernothing on KF) is the epitome of what is wrong with the Furry Fandom today, all rolled into one abomination.

  • Awful Art? Check!
  • Horrendous Questionable Fanfics? Check!
  • Attention Whore? Check!
  • Lusts after underage cartoon boys? Check!
  • Spergs out every time they're laughed at in a passive aggressive manner? Check!
  • Connected to Zoophilia? Check!

What is not to love?

Essentially a female Clawshrimpy, she LARPs as enby when it suits her; but in reality is a heifer that ships underage cartoon boys. If you understand this, you have good idea of our lady Ashley.

giggles.pngnonbinary.pngSchrodinger's gender.png
schrodinger's gender? which one is it huh?



Our esteemed artist and animator has history on the internet going back about 20 years, eventually leading her to right here on KF as @cantremembernothing.

Upon searching, you would find that Ashley's oldest known account on the internet is her Fanfiction one, under the name Celestialmew in the year 2000 (archived along with the stories).

She, however, abandoned this account quickly, making her ButtercupSaiyan account in 2001 (whole thing archived along with the stories). Taking a gander reveals her stories involved wholesome, family friendly topics such as the underage incestuous relationships of the Powerpuff Girls. (You heard that right :story:)



(And yes, that first screencap is of a story about Bubbles, a little girl, getting her first period)

Best part? Ashley started writing these fanfics when she was only 14 years old. Truly amazing.

Most of her time since has been spent either drawing or working on a variety of furry related projects, most of which are described on her Linkedin(archive). This would eventually lead to today, with her working on "Sparse/Oddments", Ashley's project about her cringy cat OC escaping its home to build a magic shop. (Described on her website) (archive).​

Over this time, Ashley would end up working in tandem with Zone (An animator known for their plentiful porn flashes of cartoons) and Tiarawhy (an animator known for their pony porn works).

I wonder what is going on behind that picture. Made by Tiarawhy


Ashley, being her schrodingender self, thrives for attention. This should come at no surprise though, as fishing for attention is common in the ell gee bee tee+ community.

This attention seeking became evident when she tried making her own thread on KF. Her shitty "thread" consisted of links to a few accounts of hers, basically saying "LOL LOOK AT ME GUYS!!!!!" It was then promptly deleted


Perhaps it was some 64D underwater Tibetan backgammon move in order for people to not look into her. Whatever Ashley's intention was with that thread, her female manchild mind could not have considered the consequences of somebody else looking into her.


She also tripfags on 4chan, which is the most attention whoring thing I can think of to be quite honest.

Her Twitter is also full of this attention whoring


a t t e n t i o n.png

attention whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png

Some random, unprovoked and unexplained sperg out at Zone and fishes for attention saying she is "suicidal" lmao (take notice of that nerdmouse001 name for later)



We don't have to venture far to find examples of Ashley's demeanor. All you must do is look at her posts on KF. Taking this small trip reveals her tendency to leave autistic, passive aggressive comments on people's profiles if they have negrated her.

kamov 1.pngkamov 2.png
These two were left on @Kamov Ka-52's profile

pink panther.png
This one was left on @The Pink Panther's profile

On @5t3n0g0ph3r's profile (funny she calls other people pedos considering what she writes and the company she keeps)

on it's own profile (be nice guys!)

Sinners Sandwich.png
Left on @Sinners Sandwich's profile (Referencing tranny bathroom rights)

next cucky.png
The next Cucky? (On @vertexwindi's profile)

how do you even fucking recover man.png
It also got blown the fuck out by @Floop. How the fuck do you even recover from that

This fact is also well exemplified in her various social medias. She can't handle any level of banter
(Also pivotgender now?)

So don't listen to her when she says "she can handle insults" because she is a giant pussy.


A cursory look at her twatter shows she references a person named Zed001 several times. Ashley even mentions once that he has visited her house in a tweet talking about her mom "stealing" her SSI :tugboat: money from their joint bank account. (Not stealing if it is a joint account dumb fuck)

Now you may be wondering...who the hell is this Zed guy?

Well, taking the time to deep dive into his accounts will give you a very vivid idea of what kind of individual we are dealing with.
Zed's FA BIO said:
I hate sunlight, parties, the color yellow, children, flowers, anything else that's happy, dogs(regular), water, mcdonnalds, the brass section, kites, boy bands, bike seats, suckups, douchbags, miley cyrus, icarly, bitchy teenage girls, people who think they're Jesus Christ,Exact-Norms ,Tidus_Dominic, french people, hip-hop, rap, brustle sprouts, MTV, liquid medicine, and chalk.

I like darkness, artificial light, cats, weapons, barbed wire, cute things, cubs, cartoons, monsters, gloomy days, mythbusters, lava, destroying things, and computers.

... slowly running out of time....

A well adjusted individual as you can see.

However, looking at his first ever journal on FA reveals something much more..interesting.
My Yiffy Intrests said:
Everybody else seems to be posting this meme, so i did too ^-^

(+++) LOVE!!! #^-^#.
(++) Like Alot.
(+) Like.
(~) Indifferent/undecided
(-) Dislike.
(--) Dislike Alot.
(---) HATE!!! :mad:.
(?) Never seen.

Anal on Males (+)
Anal on Females (+)
Breasts (++)
Breast Expansion (+)
Weight Gain (~)
Bondage (+)
Clothing (+)
Leather (-)
Stockings (~)
Shoe/Boots (--)
Suit and Tie (---)
Muscle, Male (~)
Muscle, Female (--)
Herm (+++) There twice the fun! <3
Baby/Diaper (+++)
Transformation (---)
Macro/Micro (~)
Impregnation (--)
Pregnancy (~) Preg. girls can be cute
Lactation (+++) I loves tard cum!!!
Anal Vore (-)
Soul Vore (?)
Cock Vore (?)
Standard Soft Vore (+)
Standard Hard Vore (--)
Paw/Foot (~)
Incest (+1/2) only cub incest
Yuri (F/F) (++)
Yaoi (M/M) (++)
Hetero (M/F) (-)
Bi (~)
Girly Boys (+++) I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! <3
Butch Girls (?)
Mind Control (~)
Rape (--)
Uniform (?)
Orgy (+) Only if its a same sex orgy
Subbing/Doming (+) depends
Biting (+) eh... maybe if is a love nibble
Cheesecake (?)
Solo Masturbation; Male (++)
Solo Masturbation; Female (++) / (+++): if cub
Scat (---) gah!! eew!
Inflation (--)
Fat/Pudge (+)
Tech (?)
Watersports (+++) cub watersports is my specialty! <3
Glasses (-)
Tentacles (++)
Oviposition (?)
Masochism (~)
Sadism (~) depends (humiliation is somtimes ok)
Multiple body parts (?)
Partial Nudity (~)
Gore/guro (-)
Snuff (?)
Hyper (++) Hyper cawk FTW
Zoophilia (++) I admit it...
Electricity (--)
She-males (~) highly dependant on many variables
Cross-dressing (+++) See "Girly Boys"
Skunk spray (---) ewww
Oral (++)
Asphyxiation (---)
Wet-look (++) You mean covered in pee and spooge??? YESH!
Mud/Quicksand etc (?)
Sinking (?)
Spooge (+++) WOOOO!!!
Body Paint (~) not with shit, please
Pants (~) only if it has a large buldge
Tickling (+) ^-^
Zoophilia (++) I admit it...

Not only is he super into cubs(among other things), he is a zoo fucker. How shocking

Now this is really funny considering how much @cantremembernothing stressed that "animal fucking is totaaaaaaaaaaallly gross my dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Okay, can someone sum up the worst offenders so I don't have to click actual images of animal abuse? Just scrolling down the OP alone made my stomach clench.

I just want to know who to blacklist forever real fast.

I will add: wtf why do necrophile zoophiles exist

That will forever be "ew." Brings back memories of cutting open formaldehyde-preserved starfish with a knife to expose its spermatophores.

Hey guys! Ashley totally disapproves of animal fuckers, don't pay attention that she associates with one! Now time for some hot goss....What exactly is Zed and Ashley's Relationship?

Now it is my theory that Zed is her BF due to their very close relationship. They even did a cringy soundcloud interview where Ashley made a remark that "She should be his favorite moth" at the end.

(Thanks to @Token Weeaboo for the video)

However, I can not prove this definitively and officially on her site, Zed (known as Nerdmouse) is just a person on the team for her "Sparse" project. The true nature of this relationship, however, is ultimately not important to the point.

incest is totes bad.png
"Incest is totes bad guys even though I wrote fanfics about underage incest." Really adds another layer of context for those "dog fucking is bad" posts she made huh?

Ashley also can't help but virtue signal about her politics
"I am a super duper virtuous centrist guys! honk honk!"

ok sister.png
Except when she sucks Bernie's cock
and call other people "republitards"
and likes tweets from various Dem politicians shitting on Trump

Hypocritical much?

Here are some good examples of her "art"
(she has like a fetish for moths)

For some reason, she also literally recorded herself screaming into the void
View attachment horrifyingg.mp4

View attachment scream2.mp4

not fat.png
She also doesn't like to be called fat so don't call her fat please.

Side by side, the resemblance is uncanny!
Also very thunk-provoking she compares herself to child like character considering her demonstrated sexual interest in underage characters

Wiki archive: http://archive.md/4z6So
Archive of her twatter: http://archive.md/UJbq4
Archive of fb: https://archive.ph/M7PhR#
archive of derpibrous http://archive.md/qseDR and http://archive.md/IucT0
archive of watercolorheart site http://archive.md/1KeWH
archive of her ink bunny: http://archive.md/c17it
archive of paterons 1&2: http://archive.md/EKLJd http://archive.md/SB5WA
archive of her YT: http://archive.md/fRngc
archive of her reddits: http://archive.md/j11iY and http://archive.ph/F4ola
archive of her commission site: http://archive.md/gtcYI
archive of steam: http://archive.md/myycl
her renderosity archive: http://archive.md/fG7Zt
her soundcloud archive: http://archive.md/SrQFR
her tumblr: http://archive.md/zvHcE
her wordpress: http://archive.md/6rEGR
her twitch: http://archive.md/pwhXH
her artstation: http://archive.md/EqhbL
her DA: http://archive.md/coTGF
her Fanfic: http://archive.md/Fac76
her Redbubble: http://archive.md/JkRaS
her IG: http://archive.md/Rnqb4
zed fa: http://archive.md/WxPVp
zed twatter: http://archive.md/Ph6aG
zed IB: http://archive.md/EElsT
zed fa journal: http://archive.md/FcgFp
Celestialmew fanfiction http://archive.md/ilrAL
her piczel.tv http://archive.md/qDkLf
her pornhub http://archive.md/YrHZq
her modelhub http://archive.md/rc1qR
her erotica patreon http://archive.ph/ePy6a

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Watercolorheart Her Wiki
https://www.linkedin.com/in/watercolorheart/ Her Linkedin
https://twitter.com/OddmentsShop Her Twitter
https://www.facebook.com/watercolorheart/ Her Facebook page https://www.watercolorheart.com/ one of her websites
https://derpibooru.org/profiles/choosewisely Her new Derpibooru
https://derpibooru.org/profiles/WritingPony Her old Derpibooru
https://inkbunny.net/glowhips Her InkBunny
https://www.patreon.com/watercolorheart https://www.patreon.com/glowhips Her Patreons (yes there are two of them)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCABstPwwVm748wJRHlVHczw Her YT
https://www.reddit.com/user/watercolorheart Her Reddit
https://watercolorheart.carrd.co/ Her commission site
https://steamcommunity.com/id/watercolorheart/ Her Steam
https://soundcloud.com/watercollider/ Her Soundcould
https://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/artist/ButtercupSaiyan Her Renderosity
https://www.reddit.com/user/ButtercupSaiyan/ Her old Reddit (Seems it might be hacked) http://itsmywatercolorheart.tumblr.com/ Her Tumblr
https://watechcolor.wordpress.com/ Her Wordpress
https://www.twitch.tv/heartnotes3 Her Twitch
https://ashleycoulter.artstation.com/ Her Artstation
https://www.deviantart.com/itsmywatercolorheart Her DA
https://www.fanfiction.net/u/55490/ButtercupSaiyan Her Fanfiction
https://www.fanfiction.net/u/30964/Celestialmew Her first Fanfiction
https://www.redbubble.com/people/buttercupsaiyan/shop?ref=artist_title_name Her Redbubble
https://www.instagram.com/heartwatercolor/ Her IG
https://twitter.com/nerdmouse001/ Zed001 Twitter
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zed001 Zed001 FA
https://inkbunny.net/Zed001 Zed001 Inkbunny
https://www.fanfiction.net/u/30964/Celestialmew Her first fanfiction site
https://piczel.tv/gallery/watercolorheart/ Her Piczel.TV
https://www.pornhub.com/model/watercolorotica Her Pornhub
https://www.modelhub.com/watercolorotica Her Modelhub
https://www.patreon.com/watercolorotica ANOTHER PATREON (Under review)
Her tripcodes !HJLDQDht8E and !zYWrhqMVos

Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter
DOB: 04/19/1986

Education: Associate's at Polk State College (2001-2005)
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Big thanks for all the help to @Token Weeaboo @glossdrop @Kamov Ka-52 @Yotsubaaa @Pineapple Fox and to everybody else that helped me with this.
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Finally, a decent halal since LagoonaBlue, good work! I had a feeling there was something off with her seeing as to how she made an entire thread about herself for some God-forsaken reason. She always stuck out like a sore thumb in every thread she posts in because she never tried to assimilate.

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