Cosplay Ashley Bennet / Luvmonkeys / Lucinda Luke / AxelAsh Cosplay / Axel_Gears / Asherbee - "Genderfluid" Cosplayer w/ "Split Personalities", Creator of the "Poop Brooch", Fat and Lazy, Pedo

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I'm surprised I never posted on this thread, she was one of my fav OG lolcows from back in the day. I ended up going to the Cosplay in the Park event she was hosting and Ty had a competing one nearby. Ash is super obnoxious. I think maybe 15-20 people showed up and we all split into our own little groups to chat. Ash tried to be center of attention by becoming progressively louder. It was like a toddler throwing a tantrum and all the adults were ignoring her. Like her cosplays, this event was poorly planned and everyone had to come up with shit to do.