Ashley Isaacs - The Lich Queen

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Nov 14, 2012

(Right is before her miracle "not eating food ever" weight-loss program)

Please send ur emotional support 2:

FAQ by @Purple People Eater
I feel bad for her!
Don't white knight for Ashley. She's a narcissistic attention whore who knows that she's killing herself and doesn't give a shit. She actively attempts to sabotage other anorexic's recovery efforts and goads others into becoming skeleton people like herself. She's a vile little sociopath who completely deserves everything that's coming to her.

Why isn't Ashley in the hospital?

Because she doesn't want to get better. Ashley is an adult and can refuse medical treatment, which she has done and will do if anyone tries to intervene.

What about the Baker Act?

Even if she were declared mentally unfit and forced into an eating disorder program it would be a waste. As soon as she was finished with the mandatory inpatient sentence she would go right back to her old habits, because to her being infamous for looking like death and not having to be functioning member of society as a result is far more rewarding than health.

What did Ashley look like pre-eating disorder?
We'll likely never know. The pictures of her from her 4chan days do depict her at a normal weight but she still had an eating disorder at the time (you can easily see her bulimia cheeks in the OP's picture of her). After she was forced inpatient there's a long time where she was absent from the internet, and she returned as the skeletal version of Ashley we know today.

Does she know she has a problem?
Yes, she is fully aware that she has a very serious eating disorder as well as BPD and trichotillomania (evidenced by the lack of eyebrows) and I'm sure there's more. She has no intention of getting help for these illnesses because she can use the severity of them to manipulate people for gifts (she has yet to set up a gofundme as far as I know but she whores out her Amazon wishlist on tumblr which includes binge food) and as a get-out-of jail free card for being a huge bitch.

How is she not dead yet? / Strap her down and force feed her! / She looks worse than a Holocaustvictim!
These are exactly the kinds of comments Ash wants. She lives off the attention of being the “best” anorexic. Stop giving it to her.

Is that her real hair?
It's a wig, but Ashley will never admit to this. You're an idiot if you think anyone in her state is capable of growing hair. Her body can't even heal a small scab (she will likely have that band-aid on her face for the rest of her life).


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Feb 25, 2015


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Dec 28, 2014
I remember hearing about this girl a while back, and to be frank I surprised she is still a live. She knows she has a problem but it looks like she just spends all her time on Tumbler. This only proves that the Tumbler community does nothing to help really help people with their problems.

To the contrary, they actively enable them in enhancing their problems and having contests in who can get even worse. I used to follow the pro-ana sites a bit, before tumblr, and I assume there's a bunch of those on tumblr now. I don't generally want to drag these people out and mock them, because they're gonna fuckin die soon enough anyway.


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Apr 18, 2015
Where are her parents? Or friends? You have someone who is literally starving themselves to death and it doesn't appear anyone at all is intervening. She needs to be in-patient at an Eating Disorders unit like a month ago.
Sure shows how shit tumblr is. They would rush to the aid of somebody considering suicide but if a girl is starving herself it's left alone because "pro-ana uwu thigh gappppp"

I feel really bad for her. I don't know if she deserves a thread.


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Feb 7, 2015
She needs immediate intervention. At this stage, her life is danger. Her body is breaking down parts of itself to hold off starvation. This isn't funny at all. We're bearing witness to someone killing themselves.