Gross Ashley Isaacs - The Lich Queen

Can skellies even die of COVID-19? Maybe since lardasses die of it, skellies are immune.
100% skellies die from it, not just landwhales, it's just different reasons. For the morbidly obese, their heart and lungs are beyond fucked and already have a hard enough time working under regular conditions. Severely underweight people have an extremely weak immune system, and someone at the state of Ashley probably has the immune system equivalent of a broken condom. You need nutrients in order to maintain a strong immune system, that's why everyone is going crazy over taking vitamins now.

I'd say she is completely fucked if corona gets to her but at this point I'm convinced that the only thing that will kill this woman is launching her into space without any gear


👏 periods 👏 are 👏 fatphobic 👏
Although not about the Lich Queen, rather an associated ghoul; it appears "Emily the Skeleton" died in Feb of this year. Admittedly my sources are weak, but here they are. (

I came across it originally on a reddit thread about Eugenia after googling Ash, to see what kind of shenanigans she's been up to. I'm sure it brings her joy to know her name is eternally associated with other "famous" corpses.

edit: reverse image search brings me to an ana-chan club which also speaks of her death: (
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