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I'll shit on your wife's tits.
Makes you wonder. Since she has so little actual skin stretched over her bones, which would happen first? Would her skin produce any melanin, or would the sunlight start bleaching her bones?

Who am I kidding, bleach it is. Melanin production would cause her to gain weight.
She'd turn into living human jerky.
With that sea salt air, the hot sun, and the lack of moisture and fat in her body- perfect for turning into jerky.


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Ashley already stars in her own anime
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Don’t do Honda like that mate.

Also eating disorders aren’t always about control, sometimes people do starve themselves out of spite, anger or even intention to shock people. It really depends on the person but attention is often a huge factor. The idea it’s about control is outdated and often damaging to some patients. The self harm patterns for let’s say binging and purging can be addictive because of seratonin and resembles more of an addicts pattern. Severe restriction can cause it as well.


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She’d probably be warm for the first time in years on a hot, sandy beach though.

She needs donations to go to a library? Seems like the handicapped bus she takes to go to the Target children’s section could take a library trip.
Wait, there's a library open somewhere!? Of all the things on hold I miss the library the most.

I have seen some disgusting shit on here, but this person is the only one I find genuinely uncomfortable to look at. I didn't think you could get that thin and still live. She looks like skeletor in that Canon film, and that is not a good look for a human. Although his face was more fleshed out than hers. Fuck, this is like a car crash, it's upsetting to look at but you cannot stop yourself.