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Ashley Nichole Rheiner is a 32 year old homeless drug addict from Baltimore, Maryland, who claims to be a "multi-ethnic, psychic medium clairvoyant empath." She gets her drug habit funded by doing tarot readings on tiktok. It appears as though most of her 50,000 followers only watch to see her nod off and possibly die while being live streamed. She spends more time responding to her trolls and call-outs than she does doing the actual tarot readings. She forgets to do people's readings, then blocks them when they ask. The rest of the time is pity-party and complaining, suicide baiting and threatening to hurt herself/others.

Hate pages have sprung up over the months. Most of the videos here are sourced from the hate/troll pages. Ashley doxed herself, and we'ens have taken to calling her employer and hotels. Because of the nodding and suicide baiting, police have been called dozens of times. Her hate pages are nearly thread-worthy for being as invested as they are in what this woman does. Plenty of people run scams on social media for drugs. Ashley is just far more blatantly obvious about it.

The easiest way to prove the haters all wrong would be to just take a drug test, but for whatever reason, it's never happened.

Nodding during readings:

Extreme acting challenge, feel sorry for me:

Ashley can never admit to doing any wrong, even minor slips of the tongue. In this video, Ashley clearly says photosynthesis instead of photosensitivity - a response to numerous comments about her pupils, in the context of drug abuse. Rather than admit she misspoke, she flat out denies she ever said it.

Ashley blames everyone else for all of her problems and frequently pities herself during lives in the hopes people will send her money and gifts. Several weeks ago, she was whining on live while walking in the snow and fell. She blamed this on people commenting, saying if she wasn't distracted with them, she wouldn't have fallen.

Ashley claims to have Asperger's and says that makes it okay for her to call people "retards"

Ashley also claims to be multi-ethnic (black and Cherokee, Blackfoot and Lumbee), so it's okay for her to say racial slurs — except she is a blue eyed white woman, and her mother has confirmed they are as white as can be.

In response to the screenshoted messages, she made a video explaining how everyone else is racist for assuming she, clearly a white woman, is anything other than white. Ashley says this is the foundation of racism.

Comparing herself to the president during 911, because she's so strong in the face of bullies.

Ashley vehemently denies that she is nodding most of the time, refusing to acknowledge it. Other times, when faced with video evidence or her viewers calling her out, she will say it's caused by any of the following:
- Benadryl
- she's tired
- has narcolepsy
- has insomnia
- has long term brain damage from drug use
- lingering effects from having covid (last April)

And it's not just nodding, Ashley also exhibits other signs and symptoms that she is still using drugs:
- slurred speech
- eats a lot of candy/sweets
- memory loss
- agitation/ irritability
- small pupils
- mood swings

Last March, Ashley was caught stealing blank checks from her employer, which led to an investigation and Ashley working off the debt. The police came to investigate while Ashley was live streaming, rather than end her live, she chose to keep it going and someone screen recorded all of it:
(archived on local storage but too large to post directly to the thread)

Earlier this month, Ashley's sister discovered her tiktok account, and in response, made an account to "out" Ashley. She went live, with her mother, off camera, divulging information about Ashley's past. Her sister says going live was to clear the air in the hopes she wouldn't scam anymore people, but came off a lot more like dumping the family secrets and trash-talking Ashley. They haven't spoken in several years.

Ashley's views on karma are very skewed, and she speaks about it almost as if she has control over it. She believes that good karma is her getting gifts and free housing. She believes her haters will receive 54 times as much hate back. If you can make sense of what she's saying.

She also likes to take screenshots of haters' comments, saying she's saving all the usernames and that cyberbullying is a federal offense, and when she finally "does something" (suicide baiting) they will all pay for it.

She claimed to live in some type of rehab housing where she has to drug test. Then she said it was a shelter for domestic abuse victims. It's been said she actually resides in hotels provided to the homeless for covid relief. Because she can't keep her mouth shut, her hotel has been doxed twice and she's been moved around, and it resulted in the people in charge of her housing telling her she cannot go live from her hotel room. Ashley still defies this rule by holding zoom or discord meetings, or trying to go live on tiktok with the camera covered. It usually results in someone being a ween and calling the hotel to complain.

Because of the extreme number of people from tiktok who regularly harass this woman's place of employment, hotel, and local police, I'm leaving out the dox for now. There's no address for her because she is homeless. Her linktree lists the following:'sTarotCorner -

The only page that can be archived is her twitter, and I'm 5402 in queue.

Hate/"awareness" pages:

and lastly,
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I am not an expert, but this seems a good quality OP of someone a bit horrifying, hence my rating. Giving her money enables her drug habit.

edit: I missed the 32. Wow, unless she's doing the usual female thing of understating her age, she looks 50. I assumed she was approaching that age. Don't do drugs I suppose.
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So happy she has a thread now. Anytime she's brought up in other threads I am extremely intrigued but I'm not going on tiktok any time soon to watch anyone, much less her.

Even if she doesnt provide us with many meltdowns it is just funny af to watch this mess knod off on livestream.


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Is there an established, published scientific explanation for why rednecks have this facial structure? I live in the more country part of the suburbs, and basically every woman who works at the local Wal-Mart has these same facial features.
Fetal alcohol syndrome maybe? Seems like something that'd be prevalent in redneck circles.

I'm more inclined to believe her shape's just the typical wear and tear of a lotta drugs. Ashley/Walmart employees I mean, not the little girl.
Ashley's eyes seem mildly Crouzon syndrome to me.

Also lol at the splotch of blood on her mask.
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Fetal alcohol syndrome maybe? Seems like something that'd be prevalent in redneck circles.
View attachment 1938518

I'm more inclined to believe her shape's just the typical wear and tear of a lotta drugs. Ashley/Walmart employees I mean, not the little girl.
Ashley's eyes seem mildly Crouzon syndrome to me.

Also lol at the splotch of blood on her mask.
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The blood on the mask is from her infected piercing. During one of her lives, the ball fell off just a few days after the piercing and she dug around on the filthy floor and handled a cat before getting an old bar out of a container and putting that in her wound without washing her hands at all. I am amazed it healed at all. The office where she does her lives is right next to a bathroom, in a fucking auto shop.


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I forgot to include this video in the OP. During a live a few weeks ago, Ashley was so fucked up she thought a stack of coasters was her tarot deck:

Also for anyone interested in helping archive videos just copy/paste the link at (from desktop)

edit to add:

Ashley is live right now and just told everyone that her one year sobriety anniversary is today, February 22. Several people offered to send her a one year coin, and Ashley admitted she only had 2 coins from her entire year of 'sobriety'. She said she didn't want to make a video celebrating because of the trolls.
Except in the youtube video of the check fraud, Ashley says she has 21 days sober. The video is from March 11, 2020. That would put her one year anniversary on Feb 18th not the 22nd.
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Night before last, almost all of Ashley's supporters confronted her about her behavior, and almost unanimously agree that she is in active addiction. She was live with them on discord and nodded out so badly that not even her closest internet friend could reach her. Out of fear, EMS and her hotel were called and that's when the discord erupted. Everyone was worried about her and she chose to leave them all hanging for the rest of the night. She has one person left who believes she is not using, but thinks she is on suboxone or methadone.
(but Ashley has stated multiple times she is not taking suboxone)

The very next day, Ashley woke up and acted like nothing happened, save for a few crocodile tears in her eyes during her morning tarot videos. Not even an apology to her supporters.

When she went live last night, it was nothing but nodding out and drama. She pissed off her co-workers by barging into a room while live, while her co-workers were having a conversation. They told her they did not want to be on live, and she fired back with "it's legal to record people in public places" then spoke down to everyone about the law, completely missing the point. What she did was very rude, and rather than turn off the live, she yelled, blamed her co-workers for being mean, and stormed out.
If this is not addict behavior, I don't know what is.

cred to juno for the vids


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