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  1. Greetings kiwis,
    allow me to introduce you to another gay, poly, porn star tranny whose grime encrusted tail is linked to the rest of the rat king. I posted about this one somewhere else on the farms ( https://kiwifarms.net/threads/eden-...-16-girldickofeden.27309/page-15#post-2016056 ) but thought that an individual thread would be better in order to avoid spamming the thread.

    Say hello to Ashley Trace, friend and acquaintance to several other members making up the rat king- Neko Arc, Avery Kincaid, Ty Felisha Wysocki, as well as partner of Eden Belmont, to name a few.
    aa.jpg aa3.jpg aa2.jpg

    Otherwise known as Ashley Agony, Willow Tiffany Hadan, Willow Tiffany Hunt, Perceptosis, there's bound to be more I'm forgetting since this individual changes names about as frequently as ADF.
    (pronouns are "it/its and she/her" shitlords.)

    When not coding, Ashley likes to collect mentally and physically ill trannies and act as main breadwinner for at least 2 of their several partners with a knack for losing friends and other connections in record time.
    They've been accused of abuse by ex partners and has deflected those accusations by accusing the accusers and used to air their dirty laundry on Facebook for all to see.

    Biting back against the HATERS, yo.

    A few months ago, after a year or so of calling out other abusive trannies, Ashley makes a post about their own past in which a confession of being a serial abuser comes to light.

    Ashley cannot tolerate "dfabs" (females), which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since most in the rat king tend to do so without fail.
    Reminds me of a tumblr post of detailing shit that never happened- the kind where everyone claps in the end.

    They like to bash CD/TVs and refuses to be lumped into the category but wants to convert whoever they can to trannydom because that is apparently something anyone can choose to pursue.
    Aside from sniping about SJW "discourse", Ashley/Willow also likes to troll Grindr in order to whine about how it's all a bunch of shitlord cisfags that don't respect a brave powerful nonbinary tran$woman who don't take shit from no man (correction: anything that isn't a dickgirl).
    morefetishized.png aa5.png

    Part of this involves whinging at being fetishized, making it seem like every stranger they cross paths with is a sexual harasser.

    Like NekoArc, Ashley likes to constantly remind everyone how gay they are. Coming from a conservative family, they try to be as obnoxious as possible in order to prove that they're cooler and more rad than all aside from other MTFs that would like to tickle their pickle.
    gayagain.png gaymarried.png

    These days, Ashley doesn't do much aside from share memes, but there was a time in the not so distant past where they would snip and be needlessly petulant with anyone saying anything not 100% in line with what they consider to be acceptable.
    Here is an example from before 2016's US election. Ashley was awful salty which resulted in a chimp out over liberals voting for Hillary.
    hillarysalt1.png hillarysalt2.png hillarysalt3.png hillarysalt4.png hillarysalt5.png hillarysalt6.png hillarysalt7.png

    For the past few months Ashley now prefers to sperg about techno, making music, and responding to their own statuses.
    moduleidea.png closeted trans woman.png force a gender role.png

    In case you were wondering, yes- all of these statuses are public and can be seen by anyone Ashley hasn't blocked.

    Another pleasant trait of theirs is to defend narcissistic qualities and overcompensate for something amiss through LOLrandomLOL humour.
    defending npd.png narcissism.png weirdmarijuana.png LOLSORANDOM.png

    Their most recent fixation has been on Burning Man and bitching about how disapproving they are of all festival goers.
    burningmanhate.png burningmanhate2.png

    Complaining about "truscum" and TERFs, with an appearance by Elizabeth Waite.

    The time Ashley and friends had a fit over an essay someone wrote over the internet.
    Later, they posted a response on Medium.

    Here are a few more unassorted caps for your viewing pleasure.
    amyboyer.png fearfappingfortrump.png futaeverywhere.png terrible identity politics.png

    With that being said, I invite you fellow kiwis to peruse the following links.

    http://www.willowcodes.com/ (removed)
    https://medium.com/@ashleytrace (removed)
    https://fetlife.com/users/3485056 (deactivated)
    https://chaturbate.com/ashley_agony/ (removed)

    Regular Twitter:
    https://twitter.com/perceptosis (deleted)

    NSFW Twitter:
    https://twitter.com/AshleyAgony (deleted)

    https://www.facebook.com/willow.discarnate (deactivated)

    tumblr 1: http://ashley-agony.tumblr.com/ (deleted)
    archive: http://archive.is/MruSW

    tumblr 2:http://futanari-appreciation-society.tumblr.com/ (deleted)
    archive: http://archive.is/FahJk

    tumblr 3: http://ashtraces.tumblr.com/ (deleted)

    tumblr 4: http://ashleycooks.tumblr.com/ (deleted)
    archive: http://archive.is/ugHhj

    *Edited for rage deletion of URLs.
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  2. i legit don't know how the rat king gets more and more fugly with each new member.
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  3. Original name: William Hunt
    Alias(es): DestroySound, dstrysnd, perceptosis

    Birthyear: 1981

    Current City: Atlanta, GA
    Phone Number (business): (404) 481-8134
    Email (business): willow.at.work@gmail.com
    Email (unsure if still used): destroysound@gmail.com
    AIM: perceptosis

    Ohio Northern University BS in Computer Science
    Works at Mosaic Learning (remotely)

    GitHub: https://github.com/destroysound (http://archive.is/SW36L)
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/destroysound (http://archive.is/Ha3UM)
    RogueBasin: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Destroysound (http://archive.is/vo3IN)
    Portfolio: http://www.willowcodes.com/ (http://archive.is/jC3wO)
    TIGForums: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?action=profile;u=3949 (http://archive.is/lInyc)
    Ello: https://ello.co/perceptosis (http://archive.is/s00C3)
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  4. This gave me whiplash. I guess now that he's got his place in the rat king with 'mones, a NSFW tumblr and a group of friends he terrifies into keeping in line, nobody else is allowed to join in on the social scam.

    And of course they think FtMs are super-callous-fatalistic, privileged, aspie-docious. They tote vaginas after all, and that makes people like Ashley very angry, and vengefully jealous.
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  5. Looks like several URLs have been rage deleted or deactivated. That didn't take long, what was it- 12 hours or less?
    OP has been updated to reflect these changes.

    I was pleased to see that Ashley/Willow might have made a more active twitter, then realized Willow Brown was mentioned in a post on the Lolcow General thread:

    Photo of Willow Brown/anarchopupgirl on Facebook
    willowbrown 2.png

    Twitter avatar is the exact same shirt, collar, corset but from a slightly different angle
    Similar name, different person. :c:heart-empty:
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  6. So that's what Andy Samberg would look like as a troon...
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  7. These people are crazy; they claim to have gender dysphoria, which implies being ashamed of your masculine features. Anyone who has ever been ashamed of something about their body can tell you that this is not how you act when you're ashamed of something. These RKs claim to be uncomfortable in their own skin, but I just think they're uncomfortable because they can't be in someone else's skin:horrifying::horrifying::horrifying::horrifying::horrifying:
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  8. 35 years old, that's rough.

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  9. 4 years is usually not enough time for a person to change. I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he's completely reformed, but is unconsciously still abusing people in his life.
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  12. Another abuser gone troon? I also doubt he's changed, probably still abuses people and hides behind muh oppression/transphobia/whatever when called on it and truly believes he isn't abusive anymore. Seems to be a pattern with people featured in this forum.
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