Ashton Parks / People's Populist Press / PPP - Ethan Ralph's professional troll, Godwinson's BFF, Evangelicals gone retarded, IBS's "New Hope"


How many edged weapons do you see now?
A couple of months ago, if I posted something negative about PPP and his 'art' there'd have been a dozen long time posters (many of whom I actually had some respect for) , queueing up to jump on it. Now it's just you, that other sperg, and a handful of people that have a fond memory of that one time in the distant past when PPP was funny on stream.
The last thing anyone wants is to encourage another tldr post from you about how PPP bad, your points have been laid out multiple times, everyone gets it.

Actually its a secret gay op to make you schizophrenic about PPP and Godwinson and this entire thing is all in your head. Commander @Kenobi we have been outted! #trusttheplan
First off bryan you know damn well that we use ROMAN ranks for our discord so you should adress me as Legatus agusti pro praetore, not comander.
Second this is your final offence Bryan im forced to kick you off the server. Consider yourself dismissed from the killst... ehhm all your posts will be deleted have a good day. From now on youre a neet rhonin.
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I'm going to unlock all the achievements.


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
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