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A dirt simple tell that her "highly requested" questions come out of her grossly deficient brain. She asks the types of questions a young teen might want to ask. Granted she has plenty of viewers at that level of mentality but also has enough genuine adults to pose real questions... which she's never going to answer unless she sees a benefit to her.

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I mean, it's just going to be her scamming the people stupid enough to be members again.
Her behavior during the last live was shocking, disrespecting the people that were PAYING to interact with her. And even then she only acknowledged them when they sent a super chat...

She's become so blatant and unrepentant in her grabs for cash that the best thing people could so is ignore her.
An "I'm broke and have to eat my own body fat" saga would be much more interesting than what we're currently watching.
She can go out like Pizza the Hutt of Spaceballs.

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I guess this is the correct place to ask this, so here goes; why doesn't she disable the like/dislike panel to cancel out the negative ratio on it, like Phil Burnell does? It obviously annoys her almost as much as it does DSP watching the ratio tip to the negative end of the spectrum every time and the only thing she's actually good at is pretending problems don't really exist.

She is a raging malignant narcissist who loves to cosplay as a victim of haydurs, and it matters not at all what kind of attention she gets, as long as she gets it.
I don't follow Chantal, so does that mean she's gained weight?

According to Chantal, who is as pathological a liar as Big Al, she has lost weight - about 20 pounds burned off due to coke, molly, and sex with a random druggie dude, all while stuffing her piehole with pretty much anything she wants. I believe her bullshit about the same as I believe Big Al's.

She even eyes herself up whilst hugging Twinkie, has to make sure everyone can see how loving and caring she is. As if we needed anymore proof that the animals are merely props to her.

Fatty trying to justify the pathetic Tik Tok gravestone buying. YOU DIDN'T SEE THE TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS.
Becky, the fact you won't admit Amber disrespected your Mother makes you an absolute dutty cunt.

E - Good fucking Lord, the over the top acting because Twinkie is coughing. This bitch clearly knows sod all about animals. I forgot how severe her personality is when she's live.
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