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What day of the week should Jace stream?

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Wow... U Sound like me from a year ago, from before I realised the Secrets to Getting Pussy and Living Positive. Sad.

For your intel. I am an ACTIVE LIFESSTYLE and a Busy urban profressionyal with lots of freinds, stuff to do and hangouts to chill at. This Requires an Active,Mobile,Informed Gamer. Thats Me, with my Pedometer. Im Ranking Up my Calves and Hamstrings by walking down to Subway instead of having my mom drive me. If u arent gonna be supporitve of my street-positive lifstyle u can hit the high road
Do you ever find it hard to support all of your lifestyles? It's a well-known fact you lead a heavy Parkour and Gaming lifestyle, but now also a Street-Positive lifestyle too. What's the secret to being able to do so much of everything like getting Laid, gaming hard and also keeping on top form to fight islamics. Is there a balance of things you eat and drink that got you to the peak fitness that you are at?

Emiya Kiwitsugu

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O Wow look at the time Its time for me to go and have fun and celebrate with my Friends from varying ethnic backgrounds who respect me for my unique opinions,.Bye
When you say varying ethnic backgrounds, I think we all get worried for your safety because some of them could potentially be Muslims. I hope the brown ones have all been screened for potentially being gay terrorists.

Stay safe, commander.


my dream is an internet without women
@ParkourDude91 In the future, will you ever play a massively multiplayer pvp game on your live streams so we can all join in and trash shit with you and 100+ other DN soldiers? It would be like operation desertstorm but online.
It would just be us vs. everyone else

Also when are you coming back to the DN forums?
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Le Bateleur
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O Wow look at the time Its time for me to go and have fun and celebrate with my Friends from varying ethnic backgrounds who respect me for my unique opinions,.Bye
roger that commander, over and out. thanks for all the chill intel.
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I Used to say that Anime was Gay, after I quit the Anime Lifestyle in 2006. But I have changed my ways and changed my mind because lets be honest. Anime made me the man I am today. Without Anime, I Would have never learned about Gun Kata, or How to hit on girls. U Cant turn ur back on the horse u road in on. Once an anime. Always an anime. Thats me dude
What's your favorite anime?

Jace E. Denton

Apprentice Asshole
The Commander is my pal. I am fully supportive of Street-Positivity and 2,000 steps per day. You've been away for a while Commander, you have a good plan to get your strength back and earn a 6-pack of freedom. Do you have any plans to serve with the Marines again after you train with the FitBit?


Degenerate Robot
The White Justice Army is coming to rescue you from the Church of the Forgotten Bible, Jace. While you wait for your eventual liberation from Paster Fegget and Gail, you can at least answer this question for us white analchest revolutionaries out there.

What is the Forgotten Bible like?
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Eye of the Shiticane
Commander, I'd like to ask your some questions about the WWE and the career of John Cena in particular.

1- Do you think that John Cena holding the United States title is a step down for him? He isn't in the hunt for the world title again. Should he focus on getting his game together so he can get back in the title picture?

2- Did you see Dean Ambrose's match against John Cena? What are your thoughts about Dean "Titty Master" Ambrose?

3- Do you think Kevin Owens will beat John Cena again in their third match?


double dippin' DHS
Hey, Commander, Sir, that sucks that your computer got taken away.

However, if you ever get a new computer would you consider doing a play through of "The Wolf Among Us?" It's about a detective wolf and you said yourself you'd make a very good detective wolf.


Strange things are afoot at the Circle K
Hello commander!
If I were to set up a private Deagle Nation CS:GO server, would you play on it with fans on stream?
Bonus idea: Deagle Only mode, with custom skins (if possible)
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