ASMR | TYPING - 7/16/2019


ETA: i thought we might at least be treated to some of her shitty poetry, but Writerlynn could only think to count to ten, and type 'thank you' over and over. Enjoy the bouncing beetus knuckles overlay.
ETA2: as if this couldn't be lower-tier effort, she has made this exact content before
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She has got to stop with this stupid shit. This isn't ASMR. Beetus knuckles, laptop keyboards, and heavy, labored breathing are not relaxing. She is soooooooo fucking lazy. When do you think this bullshit was filmed? She pulled this shit last summer, but this is so much worse. I didn't think she could outshit the shittiest content from the roach motel in Lexington, but here we are. Even those vlogs were only like 4 weeks old. She's seriously declined mentally over the course of the last year. She's never been the brightest bulb on the tree, but apparently the fat has gone to the brain. How, how, how does she still have rctards that watch her stupid shit without adblock??

Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
i thought we might at least be treated to some of her shitty poetry
Well, this part seemed a bit poetic to me. Like her subconscious trying to rise to the surface.
"im not insane" Sure, Jan.
"this is too funny"
No, it isn't, Amber. Every time she has to say how funny she is, I cringe so hard my face melts. She's just so Funny and Bubbly and xxRanDoMxx you guise. She's totally having fun each day and not slowly killing herself while her melancholic thumb thrall watches and weeps.


bag o' bones
Why do I get the feeling that this video is probably one of the most current and this was basically just a way to fuel her health speculations and get shekels at the same time, but avoiding showing how big she's gotten.
(And the possible pink eye situation that probably isn't resolved. I'm sure at a point she was like "fuck me, I've got to get creative now or the haydurz will notice!!" Imo it looked unresolved in Eric's recent vlog of the pool, the one eye was still swoll.)

She's gotta be running out of content, even with the time warp delay. Double-time if her infection isn't clearing up.


I legit would have no idea if I didn't know what was happening.

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