ASMR | TYPING - 7/16/2019

Optavia Sales Rep
Only managed thirty seconds. I have to say, I'm surprised at her typing speed. She's moving those pork sausages pretty fast. At least it was ten minutes where she wasn't eating :optimistic:
If she were a little smarter and a not a lazy cow, she could be a transcriptionist for some extra cash. Probably not an audio transcriptionist because she can't dun do the grammar so gud, but converting handwritten to digital might be in her wheelhouse.
Who am I kidding? That sounds way too much like a job for AL to even consider it.


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
True & Honest Fan
If she wants to make enough for her surgery, or for a thousand Cheesecake factory meals, she’s gonna have to give us what we want, and show those lumpy, leaking, veiny, pillowy, discolored, cellulite and lymphedema filled legs. I want to know how much stuff is growing off them. Is she at the mushroom stage yet?

Come on girl, even Chantel showed us how she’s split in half and torn because of fat. Your turn! You can’t let the fatty from the North take over your title!

It’s highly requested!!!

ASMR typing. Just no.


"You guys I put so much work into my channel, I know I'm behind on videos but I'm going to upload what I've already recorded and then catch up to the present after a two month break from all this HARD WORK"

She's crazy if she thinks I'm watching this shit. Guess I'll be back when the next cellulitis bellybutton chapter drops.

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
Managed a full 45 seconds.

Her typing is inane and slow as fuck. She is in love with the delete key because even though she's only typing her own thoughts and not transcribing some other written work, she can't type words to save her life. Flexeen those writeen skillz there, Authorlynn.

If she's such a connoisseur of ASMR as she professes in her ramblings, surely she'd realize that the point is to not blast out the eardrums of the listener by pummeling her keyboard with her fat flab-mittens as hard as she can with the speaker of her camera mere inches away. That was the opposite of relaxing white noise.

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