Assign an alignment to the user above you -


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(Note: there was a similar thread a while back but more limited in scope)

I know next to nothing about RPGs, but I do enjoy the alignments concept, and given the fact that these 'user above you' threads are apparently pretty popular/enjoyable, figured this might be a good variation.

Anyone unsure what I'm talking about: the 9 types usually in a 3x3 grid: chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral evil, etc (ex. here + more details here).

If I'm too new here to gauge, skip me and start off with whoever you want instead. I'm just curious to see some of these.

EDIT: Disagreeing with somebody's earlier choice is cool, of course, but we can keep the game running at the same time (unless you're in an extended back-and-forth and already rated them, I guess).
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