"Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle - The Famelic Cashcow Webcomic of Sophie Labelle Verville, a crazy fat tranny.


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4/2/2016: Transsexual Transtrender activist and public figure Sophie Labelle encourages followers to send death threats to neckbeards on Reddit.


Assigned Male

Pictured: Old Banner for the Comic's Tumblr Page

Assigned Male has been a topic of discussion on these forums since April of last year. As a result of botched moderation, the old thread no longer exists, being completely absorbed into the second Wizardchan thread. It would be nearly impossible to condense all of the information and material from the previous thread into one post, but for the sake of creating an informative OP and for the sake of newcomers, I will include as much relevant information as I can think of.

Assigned Male

Assigned Male is a web-comic about a prepubescent Canadian boy named Stephen who pretends to be a girl and calls himself "Stephie. He spends most of the comic promoting his lifestyle and worldview to others through rants laden with Tumblrisms and other vocabulary words which are rarely heard outside of the lecture halls of a gender studies class, complaining about all the oppression he supposedly faces that is entirely unseen in the comic itself, and talking about his "girl's penis":

Aside from "Stephie," another important character is Sandro (also known as "Sandr@," "Ciel," and—by fans—"Sandrat"), a mixed-race boy who, due to his cross-dressing tendencies and inability to act in accordance with every boyish stereotype there is, was convinced by Stephen that he is "gender-fluid." Since then, he has acted as the deuteragonist of the comic, existing mostly to agree with Stephen.

The comic has been criticized for its poor writing, disturbing focus on children's genitalia, unlikable characters, and bad art. Of particular note is the lack of actual adversity faced by Stephen, despite his constant insistence that he is being oppressed. Every character who disagrees with Stephen's worldview will be portrayed as a moron and, more often than not, become converted to his side in the course of a few comics. The notable exceptions have become fan-favorites, such as "Aiden," a female-to-male transsexual who is portrayed negatively for acknowledging that her transsexuality is a medical condition, and Sandro's grandfather, who caused Sandro's mother to commit suicide because he called Sandro a faggot once.

Criticism of Assigned Male:

[Will update to add section on Labelle at some point before I die.]

Due to some freak moderation accident, the old thread has been completely absorbed into the second Wizardchan thread. Being that restoring the old pages is probably not on the top of @Null's to-do list (if it's even there on there at all), we will need a new place to discuss the Assigned Male and its creator, Sophie Labelle for the time being.

Please remember to always use archival tools when posting either Assigned Male comics or posts and comments from Facebook to this thread, as history has shown that both types of content, as well as Kiwi Farms posts themselves, are fully capable of disappearing. http://archive.md/ is a good, quick, and easy choice.
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We should probably compose a list of all the comics and the accompanying edits in the OP, especially since it'd be a shame to lose those in the abyss of the former Wizardchan thread. As far as I know, some of them were lost in the process of moving servers, so if you have edits missing, it'd be cool if you could reupload those. (I only couldn't see older ones due to Kiwi Farms current difficulties with processing images.)

Also, looks like Sophie didn't put out for Monday's update, instead we received a lazily-made comic full of butthurt, I'm guess that Billie probably had its creative processes drained due to STRESS and CRASHED INTO SLUMBER (:_(

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We should probably compose a list of all the comics and the accompanying edits in the OP, especially since it'd be a shame to lose those in the abyss of the former Wizardchan thread.
The Assigned Male posts begin on page 73. Trudging through several hundred pages in search of lost edits will be a boring and unpleasant task, but it's certainly better than letting them all be forgotten.

If anyone does go looking for old edits in the merged thread, please include the page number on which you found it when you re-post it to this thread. This will make it easier for other people to pick up the search from where you left off.

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Considering how Stephie seems lacks basic human decency by being such an awful little shit she is in no postilion to lecture anyone about lacking it.

That and way to make Stephie look like even more than a total cunt Sophie. Surely saying its none of your business is a much better response to the surgery question then her typical guilt tripping bullshit.
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