"Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle - The Famelic Cashcow Webcomic of Sophie Labelle Verville, a crazy fat tranny.


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I think he mainly wants validation. Trannies, well most of those on KF, they're endlessly trying to convince other people that they are women. They repeat it all day, every day. Where real women just go to work and hope they don't get catcalled.

The trans kids things is a red herring, it's a tool used to justify who they are. If there are trans kids they can say "hey that was me". If there aren't, then there're only adult males with mental illnesses.

They're on really shaky grounds and their theories are borderline metaphysical. They're dependant on psychology, which is not "falsfiable" (check on arachnoid.com psychology is not a science) and the mind gender can be disproven at any time via neuroscience discoveries.

So they're living in that constant state of fear that they're not normal, and they're afraid of the consequences should that be proven objectively. The other issue is that of choice. People can still troon out by choice. You can technically make the (bad) life choice to live as a woman. Doesn't mean we should indulge them anymore than the hobo shooting up meth in the dark alley.
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What, exactly, does Labelle want anyway? I mean, obviously he has this fantasy about getting whatever he wants retroactively without even having to ask for it, but what is it that he wants to get? Aside from everyone calling him "her" and listening to him when he whines, does he have anything that gives him pleasure? If he lived in a society that actually adopted his ridiculous philosophies about grown men actually being dainty schoolgirls, what would he do with his free time, now that he couldn't complain about mean nazis?
lotsa psychononsense ahead

i think sophie is not just concerned about transitioning and living as a girl, but also mainly lamenting on the trauma of having to grow up as a boy

wanting kids to be raised in complete androgyny and on hormone blockers. changing the english language to validate trans people in the end of the day, altough only on a technical level. forcing identical mandatory gender exploration on all kids at the same age, instead of letting it be discovered with time by being part of society...
those are all things i assume sophie wishes she couldve had as a kid

i think even if she got everything she wants now, she wouldnt be happy since shes constantly thinking about the past

You can technically make the (bad) life choice to live as a woman.
can u imagine

Burned Man

Trans-Legion burnedgender Mormankin
Isn't Alice describing what Martin went through?
It is exactly like what he went through. Seems like Alice is going out of her way to be passive aggressive to both the reporter and Martin. Martin was relatable in that he had trouble adjusting to this major change in his life and now it seems like that is unacceptable to Labelle. You need to accept trans kids immediately and unquestioningly.

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1) Canadian doctors don’t assign gender at birth (they observe the baby’s sex, and do so correctly about 99% of the time), so I have no idea what the fuck he’s going on about here.

2) Of course the kid wants to be trans, look at the way the mother behaves. She’s screeching into the phone that she’s ashamed to be cis, and she’s telling reporters that her child was born ‘traumatized’ (when in reality, her child doesn’t remember being born), and this is only a short, two-panel sampling of her behaviour. It makes perfect sense that the kid would try to conform to mommy’s worldviews (one of the reasons we don’t let kids make their own decisions is that they’re kinda fucking idiots) and be loved and accepted, instead of something his caregiver parent considers ‘shameful’ and ‘traumatizing’. When mommy has literally no personality outside of shrieking ‘die cis scum’, what do you think the kid is going to internalize?


I think a more accurate description would be, "I lectured my husband and son on how masculinity is the worst thing ever until my husband got sick of my bullshit and left me and I took Stephen. Then I realized I could get extra victim points by having a trans kid so I pressured my son into taking HRT drugs that may be doing him permanent damage." That's the vibe I get from Stephie's bitch of a mother.

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