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I, Scout, humbly present a toast to Miss Pauling!
It's weird for a kid to talk about sexuality as a whole, Sophie.

They're all pretty much asexual until the hormones kick in
Hey wait a minute, yeah that’s a really good point! I never properly thought about it that way. Wow that’s fucked up.
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I'm beginning to wonder if Bill has ever even seen a human face in his life. The frame where they're laughing makes them look literally like slack jawed downies drooling with their mouths open. They don't look happy or amused. They look like they had strokes.

....I don't get it. No, seriously, I don't get it. What is...what is even going on here? Where's the punchline?
It's some kind of anti-humor like no soap radio. It's funny because it's completely not funny.

The straw man makes no sense. First he's infuriated to have his photo taken and then he's glad it's posted online? Wouldn't he have just committed a hate crime and beaten up the fags and smashed their phone?