"Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle - The Famelic Cashcow Webcomic of Sophie Labelle Verville, a crazy fat tranny.


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Can you find it? come on in, look closer!
"seen you ensure harassment and threats: :story: I know what Julia meant but the truth is in the typo.

Like does anyone actually hate LaBelle for being trans? I thought it was because he's a massive subversive pedo.
Probably not, except for the fact that he's a MILITANT tranny, and has tranurisms non-stop whenever he feels he's been 'misgendered by the papocracy' or whatever the fuck they call normal people now.

I think it's the same as with fags. No one really cares much or hates someone just for being a fag, it's only when they cram their faggotry in your face 8 times a minute and demand asspats for their bravery.


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I get that the point of the comic is "Gee, it really is annoying to get asked the same questions over and over again." But Stephie is has this consistent character trait of never shutting the fuck up about being trans, but as soon as somebody else asks her about it first, she gets all indignant.

She wants to lecture the whole world, but resents the class for asking questions.
The real reason Stephie finds such questions offensive is because her creator can't keep his stories straight.


"I like reading swimming and crafting but you never see the swimming or crafting part in these comics and the only things I read are books about gender but I am human, I promise. I am not just a mouthpiece for a creepy middle aged man to project onto, but a carefully crafted character who is seen often enough biking and rollerblading that you could assume these are the things I like. I just do all my swimming and crafting off screen."


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It's weird for a kid to talk about sexuality as a whole, Sophie.

They're all pretty much asexual until the hormones kick in
Hey wait a minute, yeah that’s a really good point! I never properly thought about it that way. Wow that’s fucked up.
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