"Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle - The Famelic Cashcow Webcomic of Sophie Labelle Verville, a crazy fat tranny.

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What kid comes home and complains about sex ed that isn't just 'that was extremely uncomfortable'? Also Ciel's little brother openly talking about sex stuff in front of their parent like holy shit if this isn't the most abnormal conversation ever. Sex ed taught in school is only meant to teach the basic aka 'diseases exist, use a condom. pregnancy happens so use a condom.' and first and foremost, is focused on sex that's why it's called sex ed it's not about gender identity or any other shit troons care about.

The only thing I would add is anal sex should be spoke about more as a lot of young gay dudes don't know they should use condoms. We learned about it in our social education class - I think only because it turns out our teacher was gay. He also told us about sex toys briefly and using them safely (this was when we were about 15 and age of consent here is 16 so its not OTT - at 10 we just learned sex = babies).

This comic was a whole new level of creepy.

It doesn't need to be anything deep about gender. Trans people don't have magic geneitals. Often they have the instrument assigned at birth.


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I can't decide what's worse... the dialogue or that one panel in the first page where the kid and his dad both look directly at the "camera"/reader in a freaking comic book.

Dear Labelle: "Look into the camera like you're on the office" doesn't work in print.

ETA: Wait, I found another worst thing: the fact that they're teaching fifth graders about trans shit and trying to get them to troon out in fucking fifth grade. Jesus.

Also, the implication that all the kids who were "opted out" had parents who opted them out because of LGBT shit. When I was that age, some kids self-opted out (didn't have their parents sign the permission form) out of embarrassment / because they didn't want to go to the class. I would imagine that's still the case.
When my son had sex ed, there was a kid that passed out in class. So, yeah, some kids can't really handle it well. And 5th grade is too young to be talking about sex in great detail. They need to know what to expect during puberty, basic mechanics of reproduction, how to protect themselves against STDs, and consent. That's it. Older kids can handle more info. Kids in 5th grade can't.


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I ought to buy stock in the straw man industry, with all these "arguments" Labelle is making.
Plus, how old is Sandrat's brother? 8? 10? Why the fuck is he talking about the LGBT lobby instead of Pokemon, or Lego, or whatever it is kids do these days?
....oh, right. Like every other character, he exists only to serve as a mouthpiece for Labelle's views.
Because the kid is apparently pansexual.

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With Fashionable Pug apparently written out, Rubber Chicken has now become the most likeable character in the recent batch of comics. The rest of it is the same cringe-worthy stuff we've come to see in Assigned Male.

As for LaBelle's comic/poster about trans nodies being perfect as is and not need changing: If that was really true and transgendered people believed that, there wouldn't be such a big push to start hormones, puberty blockers, tiddy skittles, and SRS on kids ASAP regardless of age.

with them saying NETFIIX?
I assume it is to avoid getting in trouble with Netflix. Though, any reasonable person will know what they mean by Netfiix.
Oh, so they say it to not get in trouble and avoid copyright even though that’s not how copyright fucking works? LOL that is so funny.
Even with big corporations wanting to tick off checkboxes by passing themselves off as "diverse", "inclusive", "woke", etc, they still protect their brand names because it's the only to enforce their ownership/copyright. Odds may be low NetFlix would target someone such as LaBelle using their name in a shitty web comic. At the same time, if the reaction to those comics proves to be too negative, they don't want to have their brand or reputation irreparable tarnished, either.

NGL, I find amusement when people creatively spoof company names -- for example "Royal Burgers" instead of Burger King. However, Assigned Male lacks creativity in all aspects: drawing, content, and presentation. Consequently, the pitiful attempt to spoof NetFlix only furthers the opinion that Assigned Male is nothing more than mindless mishmash. Also, "NetFiix" sounds more like a term one might use to describe an internet addiction ("I need my NetFiix!") or an online site on the Dark Web for buying black market drugs such as those needed for HRT.

I imagine it's also some sort of distaste for the whole "Someone is labelling me without my permission" idea where the declaration of a gender comes in.
Funny how LaBelle and company hate the idea of being "labeled without permission" yet they do the same thing when they label their critics as "CIS scum," "Nazi," or other hateful slurs. That makes them no better than the people they're trying to criticize.

Omg. He has a godson? What kind of exceptional degenerate would choose him as a "godmother".
IF this is true, I'd wonder if LaBelle became a godparent pre-transition. However, I'm filing this under "LaBelle's Lies" until proven otherwise.

When my son had sex ed, there was a kid that passed out in class. So, yeah, some kids can't really handle it well. And 5th grade is too young to be talking about sex in great detail. They need to know what to expect during puberty, basic mechanics of reproduction, how to protect themselves against STDs, and consent. That's it. Older kids can handle more info. Kids in 5th grade can't.
The worst is those parents that pull their kids out of sex ed for whatever well-intended but naive reason without teaching their kids what they have to know and need to know at that age. That's more of a disservice than letting them be part of the lessons -- even if the parents have legitimate concerns about the content or how it's presented. Also, peer pressure starts to become a thing at that age, so kids will wonder what weird reason their classmate is being withheld from sex ed.

On the flip side, there are adults that seem almost too eager to teach kids about sexuality or expose sexuality to them at a younger age when they simply can't fully understand that aspect of life. Worse, they see nothing wrong with their young kids watching media with gratuitous or explicit sex scenes and references, only to wonder later why they talk and act inappropriately about sex.

Hand in hand with this, it's absolutely horrifying when transgendered people such as LaBelle strongly advocate that kids too young to understand sex should be encouraged to transition with both hormones and surgery when they first show interest in anything the opposite sex traditionally likes or enjoys.
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It's just me or the drawing style in this strip is awful even for Billy's standards?
Definitely a slide in quality. I guess when you have enough people willing to support you for ideological reasons alone you can start phoning it in... even more I mean.

I have to admit though. Assigned Male, to me, is like Family Circus or Ziggy. I know it's not going to be funny and will likely be completely pointless and senseless, but if i see it scrolling I am going to read it and smirk. Maybe I'm just a smug asshole and enjoy it from a vantage point of condescension but it is just as likely that I enjoy it for the same reason I enjoy b-movies and no-budget crapfests. A lot of Hollywood flicks aren't worth watching. Decent production value but no other value to speak of. Then there's media that's really really crappy, but doesn't cross that action potential from "low production value and boring" to "holy shit this is a masterpiece of awfulness."

So yeah, even though preachy "woke" media usually grates on my nerves, something about the completely atrocious shitshow of Assigned Male always draws me. Like Jack Chick comics. And honestly, just as ideologically fundamentalist just from a different perspective.


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