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Designing web pages for autists?

With one exception those are good design principles in general for everybody for things like PowerPoint slides if not web pages in general.

But ... not use figures of speech? :roll:
That was from series of posters that summed up longer advice on how make good websites for services to people with different disabilities. So something like a coverment site about programs for blind people, a school site about dyslexia or a hospital site about hearing implants. The figure of speech thing with the autistic poster was that many autistic people tend take things very literally and so have hard time understanding figure speech, exaggerations or sarcasm. The advice was to keep the language very direct to avoid miss understandings.
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We Have A Winner!
I know I’m late, but I have to bring up that Romeo and Juliet is the exact opposite of that. It’s about kids being fucking retarded, even going so far as to have two characters at the end shittalk the two retards who committed rope-neck.
The people like Sophie who think it’s about glamorizing young love either didn’t read beyond the cliffnotes or just got something different out of it than I did.